Teenager with one arm is a basketball sensation

American teenager Trashaun Willis makes the rest of us look like we are just not trying hard enough.

Despite being born with no left arm, the 14-year-old from Indiana is an athletic star at his high school - excelling at both basketball and American football.

Willis has garnered a lot of attention since a video of him dunking spread like wildfire on social media, but he is relaxed about the attention

"I’m used to getting looked at as, like, an underdog," he told Indystar.com. "So it just makes me perform harder and do better and try to do better than everyone else."

Growing up Trashaun’s older brother Jaivonn refused to go easy when they played together, pushing the younger boy to get better and better.

It has certainly worked.

"When I got up to dunk, (I'm thinking) 'Just please don’t miss it, please don’t miss it'," Willis said. "That’s the only thing I don’t want to happen — miss a wide-open dunk. That’d be kind of embarrassing."

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