Sinead Kane: 'To make the dream work you have to have team work'

Sinead Kane, appearing on the Late Late Show tonight, spoke about entering the Guinness Book of Record for becoming the first visually impaired runner to complete seven marathons, over seven days on seven continents.

"I wanted to show that a girl from a small town in Youghal could get a Guinness World Record."

When Ryan Tubridy asked her to explain the extent of her impairment she replied, "I can't really see your face so to me your beautiful."

While Tubridy walked into that comment, Kane's record achievement certainly wasn't a walk in the park.

"To make the dream work you have to have team work," she said.

She explained she found motivation in the people that believed in her back home and that at her breaking point it was her running guide, John, that reminded her of that.

In Marrakesh she found the terrain very difficult and John looked away for a moment leading her to bang her foot, she said she used very bad language towards John.

"So you were cursing him for looking sideways for a minute?" Tubridy asked.

She continued to explain that it was her lowest point, and she even exclaimed she wasn't doing it anymore. "It is very mentally draining when you see other runners pass you. I knew with that race my disability was holding me back."

But John reminded her of her sponsors, her family and the journey she had made so far and she continued on.

The following day was her best, "the course really suited me and I came joint-first with an athlete from Chile," she said.

She tied with another athlete whom with she had decided to cross the finish-line together.

"I think that showed the team spirit of the event," she said.

She's giving her $10,000 sportsmanship prize to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

She has also has ambitions to be in a "high-position" when she is older. President of Ireland was mentioned. We don't doubt her chances.

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