Philippe Coutinho did something a lot of people had never seen before while defending a free-kick

It’s not every day you see something in football you’ve never seen before, but when Philippe Coutinho got down low behind the Liverpool wall for a free-kick it was exactly that for a lot of people.

The Brazilian knelt behind his teammates as Christian Eriksen prepared to a strike a free-kick on the off chance that the Dane would choose to go below the wall, rather than above it.

It’s not often you read something about Coutinho describing his quick wits defensively, but apparently his mind’s just as sharp on defensive duty as it is when trying to carve out a chance.

The game’s commentators remarked that they’d never seen it done before, but it’s a semi-regular sight in Brazil.

Real Madrid’s Marcelo deployed the tactic while on international duty last year, while a Ponte Preta player did the same thing a few years back.

As you can see it’s not always effective…

It didn’t take long for Liverpool fans to turn it into a meme.

But most people were just a bit surprised by what they’d seen.

We wonder if it will catch on?

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