Grimley: Brolly comments were 'too personal'

Grimley: Brolly comments were 'too personal'

Armagh football manager Paul Grimley feels Joe Brolly crossed the line with some of his pre and post-match comments during RTÉ Two's live coverage of Armagh's Ulster SFC defeat to Cavan.

RTÉ pundit Brolly, who is no stranger to making controversial remarks, did not hold back as he lambasted Grimley and his team for their lacklustre showing in the Championship opener at Kingspan Breffni Park.

The Orchard boss has accepted responsibility for the 1-15 to 1-11 loss his side suffered, but is reportedly giving 'serious consideration' to boycotting any media duties with the national broadcaster after Brolly let rip at him - even involving his twin brothers Mark and John Grimley, who starred for Armagh, Ulster and Ireland's International Rules team during their careers, in his argument.

In an interview with the Irish News, Grimley said: "Once some of these guys get on their soapboxes, they do not know where the line is. In another couple of weeks, it will be somebody else.

"People have said, 'say nothing, let it go', but that would mean Brolly is getting a free run here.

"I have no problem whatsoever with the criticism he laid at me. I was responsible for us losing the match - I've no issue with that.

"But before a ball was kicked, he was already on a wee rant. He was clearly excited about having a go at me. The thing that I was most annoyed at was he brought my brothers into it.

"I took issue with that because my brothers are a long time retired and they served Armagh, Ulster and Ireland with pride and distinction.

"One thing my brothers didn't do was go around Croke Park or any other park blowing kisses to the crowd," he added, referring to the former Derry forward's penchant for blowing kisses to the crowd after scoring a goal.

Grimley continued: "I did all the interviews with the media after Sunday's match. Then I come home, put on the tape and it's like a public stoning where there is no form of comeback.

"You've got to say there is something not right about that. I didn't understand why it was so personal."

A number of people on Twitter have dubbed Brolly's comments 'over the top', but the man himself tweeted today that his remarks 'were taken out of context'.

Former Armagh captain Jarlath Burns took to his Twitter page to address the issue. In a direct tweet to Brolly, he said: 'Joe, I hope you regret what you said about a GAA volunteer. It was totally unacceptable'. But Brolly is not backing down and replied: 'No, it is my opinion'.

In a tweet obviously meant to provoke a reaction from his followers before Sunday's game, Brolly wrote: 'Quite looking forward to Cavan v Jamie Clarke'.

He also made light of Grimley's argument earlier today, tweeting: 'Apparently Paul Grimley is not going to talk to the national broadcaster. Was it something (BBC's) Mark Sidebottom said?'.

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