The search for lost ‘Corkness’

Is ‘Corkness’ really a thing? How best to describe it and what does it look and sound like?

Cork GAA chair Tracey Kennedy believes it to be “that air of confidence just on the right side of arrogance - an unparalleled pride and our insatiable desire for Cork to be the best at absolutely everything”.

Whatever it is, it’s gone missing from Cork football. Which is why, Brian Cuthbert believes, it’s time to “draw a line in the sand.” Cuthbert, the former Cork manager and one of the authors of the football strategy document, wondered aloud yesterday is ‘Corkness’ a word.

It must be, given his own response.

“We have lost our ‘Corkness’. And in losing that you don’t just lose your ‘Corkness’ for football. We are proud people and enjoy a tradition that people in other parts of the country would love to have. So it doesn’t bother anyone whether it’s Cork hurling or football, camogie, ladies football or handball. It doesn’t matter. It’s Cork.

“The particular need right now is football. The challenge to ‘Corkness’ should be a call to arms for any and every Cork person, because it’s the greatest strength we have. If that’s taken away from us, we are the same as everybody else - and we don’t want to be the same as everyone else. We are unique and Cork football should represent that uniqueness and will do so in time. It just needs this bit of life support right now.“

Cuthbert added: “It’s all about looking forward. And doing so with the lessons learned. Saying to our people, we are driving this in a new direction, there is a role for you in this, and we need you to join us.”

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