Former Spurs and Celtic defender Vega to run for FIFA President

Former Tottenham defender Ramon Vega is set to declare his candidacy to replace Sepp Blatter as president of FIFA.

Vega, who also played for Celtic and Watford, is expected to officially join the running to head the scandal-hit organisation by the end of this week.

In an interview with the Guardian, Vega also called on UEFA president Michel Platini, at one point the front-runner for the FIFA job, to “stand back” and “concentrate on retaining the UEFA job.”

Both Blatter and Platini are currently suspended pending investigations into an alleged £1.35m “disloyal payment” made by Blatter to Platini.

Vega, who established a successful finance career after retiring from the game, said: “I’m an ex-football player. The last few years I’ve been really distanced.

“I’m still in the finance world, advising lots of European clubs from a financial point of view, balance sheets, restructuring. There are people who have an interest in getting this sorted out in a manner where tranquility and stability can follow.

“You need a nuclear scenario, a clean break from the past.”

Vega clearly believes that does not involve Platini, who could be barred from running for the FIFA presidency depending on the exact length of his suspension.

Vega told the newspaper: “The block that has been happening through the Platini scenario has not allowed a debate to develop.

“He needs to stand back, put his hands up and concentrate on retaining the UEFA job. At the moment the governing body of UEFA has the potential to put forward a good candidate and it is being blocked through loyalty to Platini.

“There is nothing wrong with loyalty, but it has to go hand in hand with common sense.”

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