Everyone’s giving Serena Williams advice on sleeping when pregnant

Celebrities and sports stars may be able to afford all the creature comforts in the world, but when it comes to pregnancy, it doesn’t matter how famous you are – everyone’s in the same boat.

Serena Williams proved she was just like us all when she took to Twitter to ask for advice on sleeping during pregnancy.

The 23 grand slam title holder, whose first baby is due in about a month, asked her followers for tips on turning over in bed. As anyone who’s had kids will know – it’s definitely not easy when you’re heavily pregnant.

It’s recommended that pregnant women sleep on their sides, but what about when you want to roll over to lie on the opposite side? Many women find it hugely uncomfortable or painful. Even the most successful female tennis player of all time.

Everyone on Twitter jumped to Serena’s aid with advice. Here’s some of the best to steal for yourself.

A pillow between the legs 

Roll each way 

Prenatal yoga 

Invest in new sheets

Bring the knees together first 

This complicated-sounding move

Pillows on each side

Sleeping elevated 

Ice packs 

And some couldn’t resist tennis puns and pointing out the irony.

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