Cristiano Ronaldo destroys Espanyol opponent in what could be his most ridiculously impressive move yet

Cristiano Ronaldo may have pulled off yet another epic move for Real Madrid during a La Liga game against Espanyol to show he more than deserves to be a four-time Ballon d’Or winner.

With the game tied at 0-0 and face-to-face with Espanyol defender David Lopez, the Portuguese striker did what many a talented footballer would struggle to pull off: an unbelievable elastico nutmeg.

Lopez found himself on the right byline facing the Real Madrid superstar, who nutmegged the defender with incredible skill to create a chance for Alvaro Morata.

And fans were left drooling:

Some were reminded of glory days at Manchester United:

While a few others couldn’t help but make comparisons to another football great:

In case you are wondering, Real Madrid beat Espanyol 2-0, but we still can’t get over that incredible nutmeg.


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