Nissan welcome Government’s consideration of import ban

Nissan has welcomed the Government’s announcement that it is considering a ban on certain used car imports from the UK. The Department of Finance confirmed that it is “examining options” in relation to the ban on old, dirty diesel imports.

The Department has also “recognised that the large-scale importation of used diesel cars from the UK, over the past number of years, was undesirable from a public health perspective”, as well as an Exchequer perspective.

“The statement from the Department of Finance is a welcome step in the right direction,” said James McCarthy, CEO of Nissan, who called for such a ban this week.

“The Government cannot solve the carbon emissions problem, when it is allowing 100,755 polluting cars to be put onto Irish roads each year. That’s 100 polluting cars for every zero emissions EV sold,” he added.

Nissan had called on Government to ban used car imports from the UK, where registration predates 2014, rather than impose a new carbon tax on householders.

It said that the move would prevent the displacement of over 66,000 new car sales in 2019, generating €400m in new tax revenue.

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