Why you should follow the 60 second rule when washing your face, according to an expert

Why you should follow the 60 second rule when washing your face, according to an expert

How long do you spend on your skincare routine each morning and night?

Do you quickly lather up with cleanser, rinse then slap on some moisturiser? Or do you luxuriate in a multi-step ritual, layering on mists, essences and serums until your skin has reached plump, dewy perfection?

Whether you’re a wash-and-go kind of person or a committed skincare fanatic, there’s one part of the daily routine that many of us are failing to complete correctly, and that’s cleansing.

That’s according to Dr Raj Arora, who says many people don’t spend long enough on the first step in their routine, particularly those with oilier skin types.

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“Cleansing is important because it removes dirt, oil and other debris which can clog pores and hair follicles leading to pimples and dull skin,” says Arora, founder of The Face Bible clinic.

“If you have oily skin or acne skin then a minimum of 60 seconds cleansing would be important to ensure all dirt and oils are removed from the face.”

That may not sound like a long time, but when you think about how most of us usual lather up with a face wash then rinse 5 or 10 seconds later, it’s a significant difference.

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By following ‘the 60 second rule’ you’ll make sure you’re not neglecting this crucial step.

If it helps, set a timer to ensure you spend a full minute thoroughly massaging your cleanser with your fingertips to dislodge and dissolve any stubborn make-up.

“For some this may be longer if they are using a cleansing tool or removing make-up,” she says.

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Why is it so important to cleanse properly? Arora says there are multiple benefits: “Cleansing keeps our skin looking radiant and healthy, removes bacteria and pollutants from your face, encourages skin hydration and prevents excess oil production from skin glands.”

Excess oil production can cause spots, which is why adequate cleansing is vital for preventing acne.

It also leaves your skin ready for more potent serums and oils, allowing them to, “penetrate deeper and work properly”.

Plus, a deep cleanse helps to “maintain the size of our pores,” she adds.

So, no matter whether you prefer a cleansing balm, a foaming formula or even good old soap and water, the most important thing is to do is make sure you spend a full minute working the cleanser into your skin.

Give the 60 second rule a go and see what a difference a minute can make…

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