Video: Why getting goosebumps when listening to music is good for your health

It’s a pretty magical moment when you’re listening to a song that makes the hairs on your arms stand on end – and it turns out that getting goosebumps like this is good for your health too.

More than half of us are susceptible to goosebumps in chill-inducing moments and, according to a new study conducted by Barclays, those who get them are not only happier and healthier, but also more likely to be empathetic and higher achievers (earning 12% more than those who don’t – yes, really).

Scientists behind the research, Matthew Sachs from Harvard University and Professor Robin Murphy from the University of Oxford, studied the connection between music and emotion in a live setting, and  found that the goosebump effect varied between age groups. Those aged 18-25 are more susceptible to the chills, while people over 55 felt them a lot less often.

The theory was put to the test at Reading and Leeds Festivals, when 100 participants were hooked up to an apparatus during a performance.

- Press Association

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