UL Video series: Veganism is on the rise across the world and Limerick is no exception

Veganism has truly become one of the biggest trends worldwide and this is clear to see in the growing market for vegan food outlets in major cities like New York, London, Berlin and Dublin.

The context

Limerick city has an ever growing number of people turning vegan just like everywhere else.

I spoke to Marci McNamara, owner of the restaurant the 'Old Limerick Fire station' about this.

In the video she tells us about her personal choice for setting up a vegan/ vegetarian restaurant in Limerick.

I also spoke with long time vegan Liz Sexton from Limerick, who raised her family of four as vegans and vegetarians. I also spoke with her daughter Lisa Sexton.

42% of vegans in the UK are aged between 15 and 34 which means a lot of students and young workers.

I also spoke to UL student Daniel O’Boyle about what it’s being a vegan as a student on his campus and how he compares Limerick in terms of vegan friendliness in comparison to his home town.

The video

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