Things you only know if you grow your own herbs to eat and cook with

Whether you have a whole garden all of your own, or just a couple of pots on your kitchen windowsill, there’s something incredibly satisifying about growing your own herbs and then eating them.

It gives you a valid reason to own a mezzaluna like Nigella, for all your herb chopping needs – and not just because it’s such a great word. All together now: ‘Mezzzzaluuuuna!’

Coriander hates you. You want to chop it up and throw it on everything, from soups and salads to curries and flatbreads, but it either won’t grow fast enough or you can’t get the water-to-humidity ratio right and have to keep on buying it in sad supermarket packets. Sigh.

Every person who walks through your door is handed a fresh mint tea – oh the happy, healing vibes.

You’re just fine with eating mushrooms every night of the week, if it means you get to strip the leaves off your thyme plant to add to them. It’s just so soothing.

Bay trees are so stocky and reliable, but for some reason, the only way you ever manage to use yours is in bechamel sauce. It totally deserves more attention.

Who knew there were SO many types of mint? Peppermint, water mint, apple mint, spearmint – you could honestly start your own toothpaste brand.

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There is nothing greater than roast potatoes. Except perhaps roast potatoes sprinkled liberally with salt and your own homegrown rosemary.

Your basil plant is better than any other basil plant out there. You’ve kept it alive for six months. SIX MONTHS! Sure, you don’t know how you’ve managed it, but you LOVE it. Talking of basil, in your house, a last-minute dinner means olive oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti and that basil – nothing beats it.

Your chives are always flopping over. You’re blaming the pigeons (pigeons have a knack for sitting on herbs), not your infrequent watering schedule.

Oregano leaves are so soft and smell so good, but do they work with anything other than pizza?!

Every time you look at your sage plant, you remember how keen Italian chefs are on deep-frying the leaves as snacks, but you can’t imagine ever being bothered enough to go to the trouble.

Lovage, sorrel, lemon verbena, chervil – they can never be found in the supermarket, but your window box is proudly overrun with the stuff.

Every single meal features herbs. Whether you’re eating breakfast or dessert, it’s guaranteed to be sprinkled with greenery (you know coriander goes well in puddings, right?).

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