The Skin Nerd: Skip-care will help you to work smarter, not harder

It is no surprise that the contemporary beauty industry often follows whatever Korea is doing, and the concept of “skip-care” will not be an exception to this rule.

Skip-care is a rebellious response to the ten-step Korean routines of the years gone by and serves the purpose of simplifying and minimalising a skincare routine so that it is short yet effective. In this respect, there’s no real downside to skip-care.

You have more time to do anything other than your skincare regime and maybe even more money in your pocket. You may be thinking that skip-care is just Marie Kondo-ing your skincare kit and dropping whatever doesn’t bring you joy.

It is much more strategic than this in that you want the products that will remain in your skincare routine to be working to treat, protect, and nourish your skin, and your skin specifically at that.

Skip-care isn’t a clear-out, it’s an overhaul that could mean an entirely new skincare routine, but in the words of Sheryl Crow, change would do you good.

One of the key focuses of skip-care is making sure that each product that is in your skincare routine has more than one benefit to your skin. If you have three separate serums, one for anti-ageing, one for antioxidant protection, and one for hydration, swap them for one product that can do all three, such as the Caudalie Resveratrol [Lift] Firming Serum (€50, available on and from pharmacies and department stores).

If you’re going to incorporate a skip-care approach into your own skincare, you need to identify which ingredients your skin actually needs and then find products that contain as many of these ingredients as possible.

For example, if you are someone with dry skin, dull skin, and pigmentation, known as “age spots” or “sun spots”, your ideal routine will contain lipidic (fatty or oily) and water-based hydrating ingredients, an exfoliating acid such as lactic acid, and vitamin A and vitamin C.

In this type of skin, fatty or oily hydrating ingredients such as ceramides, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, or grapeseed oil will help to make up for your skin’s naturally lower production of oil, and water-based hydrating ingredients will draw moisture deeper into the skin for longer-lasting skin hydration.

Using a lactic acid exfoliator every night or once every two nights will get rid of the dullness, hydrate the skin and work to bring up that pigment and a serum that contains vitamin C and vitamin A will help to revitalise the skin, make it healthier, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, and provide it with antioxidant protection.

Finish that routine off with an SPF that will simultaneously shield your skin, hydrate it and give it a dewy finish and you’re golden. That’s everything that type of skin would need in just four or five products, and I’d always advocate to cocktail your serums by mixing them together too.

We actively work to keep things as simple as possible when recommending routines for our clients during our Nerd Network consultations because the likelihood of keeping consistent with your skincare routine dramatically drops with the more products you add.

As the Koreans clearly know, using the same ingredients on a regular basis is always going to be more beneficial to the skin than constantly changing it up and adding new things. When it comes to skincare, work smarter, not harder.

The Nerdie Pick

Although it is technically called a moisturiser, I consider Environ AVST to be a serum due to how active it is and the way in which it is absorbed into the skin.

With vitamin A and vitamin C acting in a progressive manner that allows the skin to acclimatise to the ingredients, it hydrates, repairs and works to normalise the skin.

Vitamin A and vitamin C are also potent antioxidants that protect your skin from the environmental damage that can speed up how quickly your skin is ageing so it’s a true all-rounder of a product.

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