Sweet potato popsicles are now a thing and we’ve got the recipe

Everybody nowadays seems to be on some health kick or another.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be unexpected that this craze would find its’ way into the frozen dessert world.

Too busy to complicate things? 🤪🤯 If this is you right now (like me) you have to try these super simple yogurt ice pops! ❄️🍭 I can’t say sorry I’ve been MIA, because I think you have the right to be away from IG without apologizing for it! But I have been really busy (and will be for the rest of June) with job projects + private stuff. So food and snacks have to be super simple atm! 😎 1) Granola + a little date syrup, pressed down firmly into ice pop moulds 2) Coconut (or regular high-fat) unsweetened yogurt 3) Berry compote (I used bluebs + maple syrup) 4) Freeze for at least 4 hours. Enjoy! 😘☀️#WellAndVibrant ___ #icepops #icepopsicle #abbotkinneys #coconutyogurt #coconutyoghurt #summereats #summersnack #summertime #goodmoodfood #foodisfuel #wholefooddiet #foodwinewomen #foodintheair #realfoodrevolution #thatsdarling #persuepretty #healthandwellness #eatwholefoods #cleanfoodshare #wellandgoodeats #feedfeed #blueberries #mindbodygreen #mindbodygram

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In the Dominican Republic, paleta de batata con coco (sweet potato and coconut popsicles) are already extremely popular.

Find out below how to make some of these tasty pops for yourself.



Cut the sweet potatoes into small pieces. Boil until they are very soft, having added the salt to the water. Remove from the water, discard water and let the batata cool to room temperature.


Mix sweet potatoes, milk, coconut milk and vanilla and blend to a liquid state. Add sugar to taste. ...


Freeze until hard.

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