Set to be a bridesmaid or a groomsman this year? Here’s your ultimate wedding party checklist!

Being asked to join a wedding party isn’t just an honour and a great day out; it also means stepping up and being there for your friend or sibling on the happiest, most important, and most stressful day of their lives.

Here’s some areas where you can take the pressure off ...

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1 Plan the hen night and stag do. Get some guidance from the bride or groom first, and organise something they’ll love with the people who are important to them.

And remember – an unwanted stripper is a bad surprise, but an unexpected pamper day is a good surprise!

2 Half the job is showing up – literally! – so show up for dress shopping or suit fittings, however many times you’re asked to do it.

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Likewise, be there for all pre-wedding activities.

You’ll only do this job for them once, so be there for them and grin and bear it if it starts to seem like work.

3 Be a pal and a confidant – and an awesome helper!

Listen to those wedding planning woes, be supportive, and make sure the couple knows you’re there to run errands, do pickups, help out with DIY sessions or transporting things (or people!) to the venue.

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4 Offer to be a point person! Some couples will be wary of leaning too heavily on you on the day, so be the kind of person that offers.

That means having a timeline of the day, contacts for all the vendors, and being willing to spend a fair portion of the wedding day making sure everything runs smoothly.

5 On the day, be up early, be organised, and get the day running like clockwork, that includes everything from being a positive presence to calming nerves to helping your bride or groom get ready.

Make a playlist for the morning activities and keep the mood calm and fun

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6 Keep an eye on time and keep things running to schedule.

Don’t let anyone drink on an empty stomach, allow plenty of time to get the bride into her dress, and get them to the church on time.

For him, that’s 30 minutes before; for her, it’s a maximum of ten minutes late.

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7 The best man should have the rings, and the maid of honour should fix the dress and veil before the bride steps onto that aisle and take the flowers at the top.

Best man and maid of honour should know the running order, and generally, they will act as witnesses.

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8 Meet, greet and be merry!

Part of your job on the day is to mingle, get people dancing, and point them towards the guest book or photo station.

You’re also the human shield to deflect any emerging crises; you’re taking cards, and in some cases paying vendors.

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9 You need to be there for the photos, so don’t be the person they have to look for or drag away from the bar.

Bring your best smile, make sure the couple look great (no foundation on his jacket, no lipstick on her cheek) and help corral guests for the big group photo.

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10 Make an amazing speech (yes, gals too!).

DO be prepared and DON’T be drunk.

Join in half way through the first dance.

Arrange for petals and champers in the honeymoon suite.

In a nutshell, be a pal, be helpful, and don’t cause or heighten any drama!

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