Online Lives: Sadhbh Sullivan - 'My generation is definitely somewhat addicted to social media'

Sadhbh Sullivan from Bere Island in West Cork has been running her fashion blog since 2016.

“I set up ‘Sadhbhers’ back in 2016 when I was just 15 years old as a creative outlet. Living on an island can be isolating at times, but ‘Sadhbhers’ has always given me a space to connect with like-minded people,” said the UCC student.

She shares what she learns through blogging with her readers.

“My blog is a unique blend of fashion and lifestyle. I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of a modern-day agony aunt.

“As a young woman, I learn so much every day from the people I meet and the things I experience. I love sharing these experiences with my followers, who are more often than not going through a lot of the same things as me.”

As she was so young when she began blogging, Sadhbh said the hardest part for her was dealing with criticisms.

People are always going to be judgmental, but at 15 even the smallest of criticisms can be hard. While this was difficult at the time, it really helped me grow a thick skin, and reminded me that it is so important to be true to who you are.

Sadhbh’s favourite part of blogging is the ability to mould her own corner of the internet.

“My blog has evolved so much ever since I set it up, and although some of my oldest blog posts really make me cringe, I love looking back on them every now and again to see how far I’ve come.

“I’ve learnt so much from trial and error, and I’m so proud that I’ve created and developed my own space on the internet to share some of the things I’m most passionate about.”

Another channel for Sadhbh’s creativity is her Instagram account, @sadhbhers.

“Instagram has really evolved to allow bloggers and influencers to show every part of their lives in whichever light suits them.

“Instagram never fails to allow me to be both creative and myself all at the same time.”

Sabhdh is wary, however, of sharing too much on social media.

My generation is definitely somewhat addicted to social media, which is kind of scary. We live most of our lives online, and share so much content with our friends and followers.

“I’m always really cautious about what I post online, but it scares me knowing that other people my age and younger are so unaware of the consequences of their online footprint.

“My motto is, ‘if you wouldn’t want your nan to see it, don’t post it’.”

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