Online Lives: Meet blogger turned Instagrammer Carol Conway

Denise O'Donoghue speaks to blogger Carol Conway about moving her online presence from her website to Instagram

Cork woman Carol Conway has been blogging since 2011, but the 28-year-old has since moved from a website to Instagram, where she enjoys sharing photographs.

“I moved away from traditional blogging about a year ago when I entered the 21st century and got a phone that actually supported apps! I think it’s because my blog was image-based so Instagram suited me better,” she says.

“I can say more with a photograph than I can say with text. Shakespeare, I ain’t.”

The move from blog to social media came when she says she noticed much of the blogging community had “become something else”.

“I found myself moving away from the community a bit when people started treating it as a money-making business. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to make money off of something they are good at, but it wasn’t for me.

“In light of recent events in the blogging community, I am glad I stepped away when I did. It has become something else now, with those who are in it for the right reasons being eclipsed by the drama.

“There are so many wonderful blogs out there still, and I’ve noticed it being used by more and more people to share their struggles with mental health and illness. I think that’s commendable.”

Yoga-loving, sustainable-living feminist Carol shares insights into these aspects of her life on Instagram.

“I post about sustainable living, my everyday adventures, photography, and the odd meal for good measure.

“I also posted a lot about the journey to repeal the Eighth Amendment, as a volunteer and activist, in the year leading up to the referendum.”

Carol has been on the receiving end of some hurtful comments on social media.

“The things that were said online to myself and others when we posted about the recent referendum were some of the lowest blows.

“It has taught me to pick my fights carefully. People who misuse social media platforms for negative means don’t deserve your energy. Spend it on those who do.”

Despite the negativity, she loves connecting with friends old and new online.

“I know it has its downsides, but as someone who was 18 when the recession started, it has allowed me to keep in contact with friends all over the world who had to emigrate.

“Social media has allowed us to meet like-minded people, open our minds to those whose lives are completely different to ours, and challenge ourselves to move outside our bubble.”

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