Online Lives: Meet author, blogger and broadcaster Holly White

Author, blogger and broadcaster Holly White has recently published a cookbook, ‘Vegan-ish’, featuring vegan recipes and tips on cruelty-free food shared on her blog.

“I have been vegan for four years and I cover all elements of the lifestyle from recipes, to cruelty-free beauty and clothing,” she said.

On her blog,, she is a strong advocate for ending animal cruelty.

“I am passionate about the content I create, and as an ambassador for the ISPCA, I want to use any platform I have to highlight the work they do towards ending animal cruelty,” says White.

“I also like to show simple, accessible tips that reduce your environmental impact and how being conscious of your carbon footprint is vital in this day and age.”

Holly shares her tips regularly on various social media, including her Instagram,

“I generally am most active on Instagram, but I update my blog weekly with larger features,” she says.

I feel as part of my work I need to accept social media as part of my day-to-day routine, but I try to have downtime and switch off completely in the evening

Holly, who is based in Dublin, finds working from home a challenge when she most needs advice.

“The hardest thing about working alone at home is when there are problems I don’t automatically have anyone to turn to who knows exactly what to suggest.

“It’s all a new industry and there isn’t a blueprint as to how to do things exactly - you’ve to rely on your instincts a lot.”

Meeting like-minded people has been a highlight for Holly.

“I feel so appreciative about the people I meet and work alongside as well.

“You generally spend more time working than on anything else in your life so I am so appreciative to be surrounded by lovely people working for something I believe in.

“Passion is so important and if you are sharing what you love online it can be a positive outlet and introduce you to like-minded people.”

She believes she was meant to follow the path that led her to publishing a cookbook.

“I feel in life you’ve to trust that everything happens for a reason roughly the way it’s supposed to, so bar wishing I had started earlier and could be a bit more disciplined, I accept that this is the way it’s going to be.”

Holly says that her book, ‘Vegan-ish’, which was published in August, is “a gentle introduction to a plant-based diet”.

It’s available now from bookshops nationwide.

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