Online Lives: Loves, life and ramblings with Lorraine Higgins

Lorraine Higgins used her maternity leave after having her second child to branch into blogging three years ago and found it a welcome hobby.

“It has allowed me to indulge in my love of writing and has been an outlet in the sometimes lonely world of parenting.”

She shares her writing on

Now expecting twins she loves cooking healthy and affordable meals for her family.

Lorraine shares tips on this with her readers, as well as other insights into her busy life.

“I mostly write about what is happening in my life at any given moment, focusing on parenting, pregnancy, family cooking, days out and book reviews — basically I blog about everything that I love. I mean, who doesn’t love food, books and days out?”

Lorraine says that despite the negativity it often attracts, social media is a great asset for people who are feeling lonely.

“I use social media every day. I love the insight you can gain into people’s lives and have gained many tips from other parents.

Active community

“Although social media has its downfalls and people’s online lives should be taken with a pinch of salt, I believe the online community can help so many people from feeling lonely and allow them to be a part of an active community.

“I love how it can be full of positivity and can allow people to truly be themselves.”

Through blogging, Lorraine says she rediscovered her own identity.

“It has been such a positive part of my life and has given me an outlet and allowed me to be just me, not just mom.”

Lorraine says bloggers are often misrepresented. She says it is also hard work.

“I think people do not realise how much work a blog post can be and assume that every blogger gets freebies or gets paid to talk about products. Blogging is such a misunderstood area and I hope I can change people’s perceptions of that.

“All of the bloggers I have spoken with are so supportive, encouraging and just great people to connect with. There can be such negativity surrounding the blogging community and, yes, there can be a very small percentage who do it for the wrong reasons.

"The majority of us are doing it because we love it and we love connecting with other like-minded people.”

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