Online Lives: Geraldine Walsh

BLOGGER Geraldine Walsh loves to chat about parenting on her website,, and on social media, and she says she is not afraid to tackle heavy issues.

“I write a parenting and lifestyle blog, called ‘Over Heaven’s Hill’, so that would be the heart and soul of the online world for me. I’m everywhere on social media, mostly because, as a blogger, you kind of have to be, but I prefer Facebook,” she said.

“Between pregnancy, which I hate, birth, recovery, baby days, toddler tantrums and the realisation that all of these phases and moments are fleeting, parenting has given me an incredible amount to write about.

“I write with intense honesty and don’t shy away from the fact that being a parent is damn hard. I’ve spoken about c-section fears and recovery, and postnatal anxiety, because taboo topics should be laid on the table for others who may be unsure about whether to talk about it or not.

“I write about my own personal journey, as a mum, and how I am coping, or not, at times, for that matter.”

Juggling her family life with her blog can sometimes be a challenge for the mother-of-two.

“I hate that social media takes me away from my family life and I’m extremely strict with myself about when and where I can use it.

“I try, but admittedly fail, at times, to leave my phone in another room, if I’m with the kids. They deserve my full attention.”

Despite the struggle, Geraldine has friends on social media who helped her through some difficult times.

“I suffered postnatal anxiety, after our second baby was born, and social media was an outlet and support I never expected.

“I found a circle of Twitter friends, who were there for me daily to keep me in check and make sure I was doing ok. There are times when you forget that there are real people behind these platforms, but they are there and they can be some of the best support you’ll ever receive.”

Geraldine says bloggers should not be afraid to discuss their experiences.

“Some people are afraid about sharing too much, in case friends or family read it. For me, personally, while my experiences may not always be of interest to everyone, there may be one person who can relate and feel all the better for having read it.

“Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. We live in a very broad world, and, yes, you will be open to criticism, but if you’ve built up a thick skin, you can brush the criticism off.”

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