Kim Kardashian ‘expecting fourth child’: Things you just don’t worry about with baby number 4

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to be expecting a fourth baby – via a surrogate. If reports are true, then a brother or sister for North, Saint and Chicago – who was also born via a surrogate – could arrive in May.

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The best!!!!

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Having your fourth child is arguably much less stressful than your first – here’s what a fourth-time mum is less likely to stress out about than a first timer…

‘That’ cry

The wails of colic that terrorised you when your first baby arrived are de-rigueur by this point. In fact, murderous cries are par for the course when you reach number four.

Stretchmarks (and other body niggles)

Kim is reportedly using a surrogate, but she’s still had two babies herself, and most mums will attest that while the changes in your body after number one might shock, after number four it’s more a case of, ‘Thanks, body’, than, ‘Argh! Stretch mark!’


Now a pro, you could probably do up a nappy one-handed, blindfolded, while posting on insta and knocking up a homemade soup.

Getting them in the car seat

Is it done up? Will they be safe? Is it in the car correctly? are all first-time worries that are replaced by number four with, ‘Click, click, go!’

Maternity clothes

Oh how you shopped, that first time. Now you basically know that your usual leggings will stretch, that baggy top from Primark is a maternity winner and you only need two nursing bras, max.

Parties can be more enjoyable

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Merry Christmas 🎄

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Take the kids, leave the kids with a babysitter and worry… before, the possibilities were stressful. Now it’s a case of take them with you or, if you’re really lucky, get one of the older children to babysit. Plus, you’re now very good at dealing with hangovers and childcare, so you can actually stay out past 10pm.

Baby clothes

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These two are inseparable #Chi #Saint

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Same goes for the little one, too. While Kim will probably have designers lining up to clothe her alleged new arrival, for ‘regular’ fourth-time mums, hand-me-downs and charity shops are key. You also don’t care half as much (rightly so) if the item is designed for a boy or girl, as long as it fits and is machine washable.


Of course, every mum is wary of germs when they have a newborn around. But compare the first time to the fourth, and you’ll find most people are a lot more relaxed about what their baby touches. You go from sanitising the sanitising machine to sucking a dummy in the blink of an eye.


Previously, any trip abroad (or even a staycation) involved reams of planning, list after list of ‘must haves’. Now you just bung things in a bag and know you can get it all at a nearby shop when you get there. And when someone says, ‘Can I help?’ you say a happy ‘yes’ rather than a nervous, ‘Are you sure?’

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