Insta inspiration: Instagram is a treasure trove of interiors ideas

Insta inspiration: Instagram is a treasure trove of interiors ideas

Anyone thinking of vamping up their interiors this year should take a look at Instagram where certain looks and accessories are trending along with gorgeous pictures for inspiration, writes Carol O’Callaghan.

Here we are, into another year, where passing a remark like, there’s a little stretch in the evenings already, is becoming a feature of casual greetings after 4pm.

It does happen however, that this welcome little stretch after days in December with little more than seven hours of daylight has a downside: showing up paintwork blighted to a seedy yellow by our otherwise lovely crackling fires.

If nothing else, this might entice us out of hibernation to think of new ways to vamp up the gaff this spring.

However, while trends offer something fresh and exciting, it’s easy to be seduced by a look which totally changes your room while harassing a bank balance already fatigued by Christmas shopping, and which may turn out to be a nine-day wonder lacking in longevity.

In 2020 consider making one change to a room; something significant enough to have a noticeable, if not transformative, effect but won’t take from the character of the space or fall victim to the fickleness of the trend predictors.

For inspiration, it’s hard to beat Instagram in my view. I’m on it daily.

Others swear by Pinterest, but my lingerings on that particular platform are so scant that I fail to remember my password from visit to visit.

It just doesn’t do it for me.

Nothing beats a browsy on Insta to feed the interiors spirit, like this week when some statistics popped up about the platform’s top trending topics.

The list was pretty lengthy, so I’ve singled out my top five, based on practicality, good looks, timelessness, and all-round good interiors value.


Posts: 1 million

This really is a terrific way of getting photos off computers and phones, out of boxes and sticky photo albums, and up on display.

Versatility is the keyword here as the options vary from matching or mismatching frames to a blend of art and photos, so it’s hard to go wrong, especially when there’s the added bonus of expanding or reducing its height and width at will.


Posts: 2.6 million

These little CO2 sponges have made a comeback worthy of Barbra Streisand, though not as frequently, having been in the décor doldrums since the 70s.

Now these oxygen producers, with a reputation for air-cleansing to boot, have among the main trending options Swiss Cheese plants, Chinese Money plants and Mother-in-law’s tongue.

Creating an oasis of several in a corner or against a chimney breast where the fireplace has been ripped out is one look and recreates the focal point of a room if you don’t want the television to be the first thing anyone notices.


Posts: 401,000

Not everyone fancies spending a Saturday afternoon sanding down a piece of old furniture followed by a few loving sweeps of the paintbrush.

I’m one of them, but clearly over 400,000 Instagrammers are showing an interest, and why not?

It’s money-saving, creative, and you get something you want with show-off credentials.


Posts: 219,000

The jury is out on this one as some interior designers say it’s past its best, while others maintain it’s a quick and easy way to add personality to a space.

Paint is the obvious choice, followed by wallpaper which is less tricky than it used to be now we have peel-off options.

Give this one a go if you have an idea which you’re iffy about applying to a room overall so it’s easier and more affordable to change.

Large-scale mirrors are in for 2020 as a decorative feature on the feature wall, though not necessarily for purposes of vanity and self-reflection.


Posts: 315,000

Well, here’s something a bit controversial in the era of increasing concern about our environment and the use of solid fuel, although I think we’d be hard-pressed to find many people in Ireland who don’t love an open fire to stave off winter dampness.

Something a little more acceptable is the stove which is far more efficient in its heat output which in turn means less fuel usage and the bonus of less frequent cleaning out of ashes.

After that, apply yourself to an obliging sofa, don a furry blanket, add in a nice pot of tea and it can stay winter until May as far as I’m concerned.

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