How to make your home an Instagram hit in 6 simple steps

If you love your home, you want to show it off – which these days, of course, means posting fab shots on Instagram.

Some of us are apparently so keen to win those likes that we’ll even cheat with ‘fake’ posts! In a survey for the Ideal Home Show, one in six people confessed to having posted an image of someone else’s home and pretended it was theirs. Plus, 18% of the 18-24-year-olds quizzed said they wouldn’t buy a house if they didn’t think it would impress on social media.

That might be taking the trend to extremes, but who doesn’t want Insta-worthy interiors?

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I bet you weren't expecting to find this face on your feed, were you?! I hope it didn't give you too much of a fright. I took a short break from posting in January to focus on my business, some important life things and my new year's resolutions (don't worry - posting more pics of my face is defo not one of them). But hey guys 👋 I'm back with my big ol' face on your screen. And why is my face on your screen? Because I've just launched the Restoring Lansdowne Blog with a post that has nothing to do with interiors and everything to do with me. Cringey, I know. Brothels, pictures of cats and the word pantaloupes might also feature. But no, I rarely share much about me and I figure some of you might want to know who I am before you take any time out of your day to read my future interiors-related ramblings, so there you go. Link in my bio if you want to read. I hope you're well and keeping warm (or cool depending on which weather extreme you find yourself in) 🖤 And thank you to my lovely pal @lexden_home for the photo from my concept design launch party in Nov @woolwichcontemporaryprintfair 😘 . . . . . #yikesitsmyface #newgirlontheblog #newbyblogger #newblog #interiorsblog #londonblogger #designblog #interiorblog #homeimprovementblog #homeimprovements #victorianrenovation #renovationblog #diyblog #interiorstylingblog #bloggerlondon #designblogger #bloglaunch #interiorsblog #victorianhome #renovationblogger #vintagemodern #expatblogger #mustardtrend #ochretrend #mustardyellow #mustardmood #helenmoore #helenmoorengland #farrowandball

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Interior designer Kristine Hall, who set up her design and styling company after documenting her own decor project, Restoring Landsdowne (, knows all about making a space an Insta-hit. Hall’s calm, pared-back Scandi-inspired style is a favourite with decor-grammers (at current count, she has over 44k followers).

Want to steal her secrets? Here, Hall, who will giving advice at the Ideal Home show, shares six simple steps for conjuring an utterly Instagrammable home. Let the posting and boasting begin…

1. Create a feature with paint

“Paint is the easiest and most affordable way to refresh a space and give it the wow factor,” says Hall. “Go a step further and use it to define an area, an architectural feature, or create character in an otherwise bland room.

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I'm going to let you in on a dark dirty secret if you promise not to banish me from the woman-club...I hate buying clothes. Hate it. Which means everytime I need some things for, say, an upcoming holiday because, say, I've lost so much weight nothing fits me anymore (har har as if) I wait until the last possible second and then go MAD PANIC SHOPPING in full tizzy mode. I know I won't be in the majority of women here, but I can't be the only one. Right? Anyone? Hel...hello? So that's what I was doing this evening and because my average clothes-shopping experience isn't quite horrendous enough, today I chose to panic dash to a major London shopping centre during school holidays. Oh the trauma. Happy Monday guys (and oh pretty please can I stay in the woman club?) . . . . . #diningroomstyle #diningroomdecor #ernestrace #vintagediningchairs #vintagechairs #designclassic #interiormilk #topstylefiles #smallindiebusiness #myvintageabode #mycreativeinterior #myperiodhomestyle #diningtable #atmytable #entertainingspace #homebar #barcabinet #sassyhomestyle #diningroominspo #frenchdoors #diningroomideas #inchyrablue #barcart #bartrolley #vintagefurniture #midmod #ikeahackers #ikeahack #colorfulinterior #reclaimed

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“Painted half-walls are bang on trend, but you can also add drama by painting your window frames black (bonus – it makes greenery outside really pop). Alternatively, define a ‘headboard’ shape in paint on the wall behind a bed. Anything goes, and this is big on impact and low on commitment.”

INSTA TIP: Look out for lozenges – the shape, not the sore throat remedy, says Hall. This pill-like form is popping up in all things interiors, from tables and mirrors, to dinnerware and lamps.

2. Show your bed some love

“Treat your bed the way you treat your wardrobe: Buy separates that coordinate and mix them up,” advises Hall.

“Avoid a ‘matchy-matchy’ look by choosing bed linens in different shades, which complement each other and your room. Mix block colours with contemporary Scandi prints, cottons with velvet or chic wrinkly linens, and add texture with chunky throws and cushions.

“If you think it’s hard to get out of bed now, just wait until you’ve finished piling on those lush layers.”

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Hey there, remember me? I've been Insta-MIA for the last week or so preparing for something rather exciting, and part of that prep has been getting our guest bedroom into a presentable state. This was our storage room of doom during the last renovation project and it never really recovered, hence why I haven't shared it on here before. I'd been struggling to decide on some art for above the bed for ages because it's not a huge space and I wasn't keen on a picture shelf or gallery wall. I wanted a statement piece but couldn't find anything that matched my vision UNTIL I spotted these amazing log 'tiles' from @thelogbasket on Etsy. Do the swipey thing for a closer look. You can choose from a range of @littlegreenepaintcompany colours (perfect for my Hick's blue wall) and arrange them wherever and however your little heart desires. The lovely @thelogbasket folk have other beautiful decorative log products as well so do go give them a follow if you too have an empty wall (or fireplace) dilemma 💙 Hope you're all having a good week. Did any other London peoplies have a gigantic hail storm roll through this afternoon? After the gale force winds this morning at 4am, what's next? 🤤 . . . . . #gifted #hicksblue #bluebedroom #blueroom #bluedecor #navybedroom #navydecor #navybedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomstyling #bedroomideas #bedroominspo #guestbedroom #victorianhouse #victorianterrace #metalbed #modernvintage #victorianhome #bluewalls #darkdecor #cowboykatesheepskin #wallart #woodart #apartmenttherapy #dscolor #designsponge #dslooking #currenthomeview #roomreveal #renovation

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INSTA TIP: Take it nude! Ultra-fashionable grey has had its (very long) moment in the Insta-spotlight, Hall declares, and colours are moving in a warmer direction. Earthy neutrals, like sand, oatmeal, jute and tan, are the way to go.

3. Mix old with new

If you’re thinking of redecorating, don’t go overboard and make the mistake of simply adopting a whole style straight from one retailer, warns Hall.

“You don’t want your home to look like it was dragged-and-dropped direct

from a furniture showroom (no matter how lush the showroom in question might be),” says Hall.

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[features gifted products] This is going to be a very short caption because I've had a very long day and my brain is mush. Mushy mush mush. Here's the new gallery wall in my dressing room, hanging above the vintage bookcase I inherited from my grandparents' very stylish home. More details of my revamped dressing table space on this old mushy brain's blog if you want to have a peek (link in bio of course). Quick gallery wall question before I go - are you in the careful planning and measuring camp or the eyeball-it and go camp? . . . . . Cabinet handles gifted by @dowsingandreynolds . #gallerywalldecor #wallgallery #gallerywallideas #midcenturyfurniture #midcenturystyle #midmodern #midcenturymod #vintagesideboard #midmod #teakfurniture #artarrangement #contemporaryprintmaking #affordableart #myetsyfind #blackandwhiteinterior #monochromehome #bookcasestyling #sideboardstyling #vintagesideboard #credenzastyling #artcollectorsoninstagram #artlove

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“Instead,” she adds, “make the most of what you already have, and elevate the look with a few pieces that are more of-the-moment, so it retains your personality.

“That doesn’t mean holding on to a past-its-sell-by-date flat-pack bookcase or hated heirloom. Bring in new pieces by all means, but before you do, think creatively about what you already own that could be re-purposed, re-positioned, repainted, or recovered. Bear in mind that previously unpopular ‘brown’ furniture is truly enjoying a revival.”

INSTA-TIP: There are so many trends on Instagram and Pinterest, it’s easy to get carried away and constantly want the ‘latest’ look. “It can be more successful to make regular small purchases,” says Hall, “so you just reflect a new look in a small detail or colour and retain your core design ethos.”

4. Banish bare walls

“A sure-fire way of making a room uninspiring is to plonk one lonely little picture on the wall and call it a day,” says Hall. “But the good news is, it’s easier than ever to find original or limited-edition art at affordable prices.

“You can find unique prints at online suppliers that won’t break the bank, or head to local art fairs, makers’ market or student art shows to bag wall decor that will set your Instagram feed apart.

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So, I did a thing! Thank you so much to the team @woolwichcontemporaryprintfair for inviting me to create a concept design for their 'art & interiors' space and to all the brilliant brands who loaned or donated products to make it happen. I've listed all the sources below and tagged the incredible artists behind the beautiful contemporary prints on the walls. The idea was to design a modern but restful living space around some of my favourite prints being exhibited at this year's fair - a living space that would also gel with the industrial history and architecture of the amazing Woolwich Arsenal venue. Happy Monday - hope you're all having a good one 🖤 Paint: @farrowandball 'De Nimes' and 'Railings' Sofa: @madedotcom Rug: @modernrugsuk Pendant lights: @industville Faux fur cushions: @helenmooreengland Plants & pots: @forest_london Coffee table: @norr11 Bookcase: @madedotcom Dining table and bench: @madedotcom Dining chairs: @norr11uk Tableware: @madedotcom Velvet & cotton cushions @hmhome . . . . . #winterprinterior #wcpf18 #FaBnewcolours #myfabhome #farrowandball #hmxme #madedesign #helenmooreengland #denimes #norr11 #contemporaryprintmaking #artforinteriors #artfairs #londonart #conceptdesign #hyggestyle #warminterior #mustardyellow #ochre #moderninteriors #moderninteriordesign #luxuryhomewares #edgydesign #industrialstyle #woolwicharsenal #londoninteriordesigner #londondesigner #londoncreatives #homedesignlondon

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“Don’t be narrow about your interpretation of art, as it doesn’t end at works on paper or canvas,” she adds. “Think contemporary textiles, wood crafts, self-adhesive murals and more. The possibilities for jazzing up an empty wall space are endless.”

INSTA TIP: Every room should have a focal point, says Hall, whether that’s a special feature or piece of furniture or art work that is really ‘wow’. Style your room around that.

5. Make it yours

“Its really important to have something unique in every room, that not everyone else can go out and buy – a star piece,” says Hall.

“It can be vintage, bespoke, something up-cycled – but it must be something that gives your home personality. I think a really important thing on Instagram is that people should be able to look at an image of yours, and know immediately that it’s yours.

“That can be difficult because there’s a lot of trends, and for months you can find everyone has the same print or chair, but finding those really special pieces is a good way of ensuring your home has its own special ‘stamp’ and identity.”

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I know it's properly frigid out there and not exactly feeling like spring, but as the sun starts to rise higher in the sky I love watching the light change across the house and seeing the plants in previously dark corners start to perk up again. It's inspired to me to finally get some art up in the loft bathroom and I'm delighted to be collaborating with the folks at @desenio to share a discount code that you can use to sass up your space for spring too. The code “restoringlansdowne” gives 25% off posters* between 6th - 8th February. Follow @desenio for more inspiration. *Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames I've gone a tad desert boho in here with their 'buffalo horns' 'dragonfly' and 'horns' posters 🐃🌵 What do you think? Hope you're all having a lovely evening 🖤 . . . . . #desenio #gifted #loftconversion #loftextension #rooflights #monochrome #monochromedecor #bathroomdecor #bathroomstyle #bcdesigns #freestandingbath #freestandingtub #modernvintage #horns #bohodecor #bathroomideas #greybathroom #geometric #urbanjunglebloggers #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bathroominspo #sassyhomestyle #howimonochrome #mystylishspace #cosyupyourworld #interiorboom #spabathroom #modernbathroom #victorianhouse

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If you can’t find what you want for a room, design your own, she suggests. It can be more affordable than you think, and local craftsmen or artists or retailers may be prepared to bespoke a piece for you.

INSTA-TIP: Most people look at Instagram on their phones, so don’t try to cram too much into one shot. Use what’s called ‘negative space’ or try to narrow down the focus of the shot. A whole room can get lost in one image, so take several shots taken from different angles and close-ups of details. It’s about contrast between interesting things to look at, and giving items breathing space and allowing them to impress.

6. Use natural light for winning shots

Lighting is super-important, stresses Hall. “I don’t use any artificial light in my images, and if it can be avoided, it should be. Natural daylight is always best.

“Of course, it depends a lot on individual properties and the kind of light you have at home, as well as your window treatments. But for me, bright sunshine makes it hard to take clear images. I always try to shoot on a bright but cloudy day.

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[AD] I know there are people out there who always tidy up as they go along, never have a fairy light out of place and find their Sunday morning cleaning sessions calming and, dare I say, therapeutic. I know they are out there and I'm fascinated when I come across one. In fact I'd really love to BE one. But yeah...nooo. When @origin_global approached me about getting involved in their #instareality campaign I thought it was the perfect chance to go beyond just fessing up to my sometimes slobbish tendencies and show you what my house really looks on a Sunday morning... and probably still on a Sunday evening. Possibly into Monday or Thursday. The sad truth is that the fully styled, suited and booted interiors on Instagram can make us all feel like our homes (and ourselves) just don't measure up. So I've also written a guest blog for #OriginInstaReality (link in my profile) to bust some of the myths around what it's like living in an Insta-home that is absolutely spotlessly perfect with *cough* no flaws whatsoever anywhere ever 🙄 Have a read if you're interested and tag me in your own #instareality shots too - I'll share them on my stories in a show of #slightlyslobbysolidarity. #sponsored . . . . . #paidpartnership #instarealitycheck #realitycheck #thetruthisout #instainterior #instahomes #homedesigns #interiordetails #luxeinteriors #glaminteriors #renovationrealities #myhomedesign #boldinteriors #moderndeco #victorianarchitecture #victorianhouses #stunninghomes #renovationblog #urbaninteriors #terracehouse #terracedhouse #stagedhomes #behindthescene #instagramhome #instahomedecor

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“This is especially important if, like me, you only use your phone for  photography. Having great images is probably 95% of what Instagram is about, and if they’re fuzzy, blurry or unclear, you won’t get the hits.”

INSTA-TIP: Don’t over-style – you don’t need to karate chop your cushions or iron creases into your curtains. Your home will be more enticing if it looks like just that – a place you love to be in – not a staged set piece.

The Ideal Home Show – the world’s longest running exhibition – runs at Olympia London until Sunday, April 7. For more information, see

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