How the Spice Girls’ hair has evolved, according to Mel C’s hairdresser

How the Spice Girls’ hair has evolved, according to Mel C’s hairdresser

The Spice Girls reunion tour dates were selling out so fast when they went on sale last week that five extra nights had to be added and some tickets are now being offered on resale sites for way more than face value.

Clearly, thousands of Brits are more than a bit keen to spice up their lives next summer, and the return of Spice mania has made the nation nostalgic about the heady days of summer 1996, when Wannabe was number one in the charts for seven weeks straight.

The Spice Girls during their Nineties heyday (Fiona Hanson/PA)
The Spice Girls during their Nineties heyday (Fiona Hanson/PA)

The Spice-naissance also got us reminiscing about how far the girl band has come in terms of their style and beauty.

Gone are the days of streaky hair, pencil thin eyebrows and frosted lipstick – nowadays Scary, Ginger, Sporty and Baby are looking super chic and groomed to perfection.

The new-look Spice Girls will kick off their UK stadium tour in June next year (PA)
The new-look Spice Girls will kick off their UK stadium tour in June next year (PA)

Nowhere is this more evident than with their tresses – from Emma Bunton’s new hue to Mel B’s sleek waves, as the reunion promo shots show, each of the ladies has really found their hair groove.

So how have they gone from wannabes to bonafide beauty icons?

Here, hair stylist John Vial, founder of Salon Sloane who counts Mel C as a loyal client, talks us through each of the Spice Girls’ hair evolution…

Emma Bunton

(John Giles/Matt Crossick/PA)
(John Giles/Matt Crossick/PA)

Back in the day Baby Spice was known for her bright blonde hair which was often in bunches, pigtails, space buns or a ponytail with wispy tendrils framing her face. But for the reunion launch the 42-year-old debuted pink hair.

“Not any old pink look though, a scrumptious bubble gum pink,” says Vial. “Gone are the bunches, to be replaced by soft sexy waves.”

Want to try this baby pink hue yourself?

“Try the pink Revlon Nutri Colour Creme on your blonde hair to give a temporary pink wink,” Vial recommends.

Geri Horner

(Stefan Rousseau/Matt Crossick/PA)
(Stefan Rousseau/Matt Crossick/PA)

Then Geri Halliwell, the outspoken singer got her nickname from her fiery hair colour, but Ginger Spice wasn’t actually a natural redhead (she’s actually ashy brown).

In 2018, Horner has adopted the ‘super natural’ hair trend, Vial says:

“Gone are the days of balayage and ombre – her hair is no longer ginger, but coloured gingerly! Achieving this style is a big trend we see in the salon but is not as easy as it looks.

“The technique involves a super light application of blanket colour, which means one block colour, but left on different areas of the hair for different lengths of time, so we achieve one tone, but different depths, mimicking natural hair colour.”

Mel B

(John Stillwell/Matt Crossick/PA)
(John Stillwell/Matt Crossick/PA)

“Melanie is the chameleon of the group and we are never sure which look she will adopt,” Vial says.

Scary Spice was famous for her voluminous curls and she sometimes wore braids.

“Obviously Mel’s hair was full of natural texture back in the Nineties with a corkscrew texture,” Vial says.

“These days her hair is relaxed so has much less curl and a much smoother finish.”

Mel C

(John Giles/Matt Crossick/PA)
(John Giles/Matt Crossick/PA)

The tomboy of the band, Sporty Spice mostly wore her brunette locks scraped back into a high ponytail.

“Grown up Melanie is now sporting a sharp A-line bob, which gently dips toward the front, giving the hair maximum swing,” explains Vial.

“The colour is ‘browsy’, a new fusion of brown and mousy tones which make the hair look super natural, giving it an almost virginal quality.

“The look is tonged to give a natural texture, ensuring the ends are not curled at all to give a modern, effortless look.”

Victoria Beckham

(Fiona Hanson/Ian West/PA)
(Fiona Hanson/Ian West/PA)

While Beckham might not be involved in the reunion tour, we can’t leave out the band member who has been through the most hair transformations over the years, from poker straight Posh Spice locks to a choppy blonde pixie crop and super-long extensions (to name but a few).

Having made the transition from pop singer to fashion designer, the 44-year-old has gone back to her brunette roots and settled on a trademark style.

Vial says: “Today the businesswoman is loved for her signature tousled waves tied into a chignon to remain as effortless as her collections.”

- Press Association

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