Kym Marsh is set to become a granny at 42 – here are the rules for being a young nan

She first hit screens when she joined reality show pop band Hear’Say, but now she’s best known as Michelle Connor in Coronation Street. And for Kym Marsh, that role sees a lot of heartache as a mum – she’s currently trying to help her son Ali deal with the demons of knowing he killed someone.

Thankfully, in real life things are going a lot better: Kym’s excitedly revealed that she’s set to become a grandma, as her daughter Emilie is pregnant.

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Emilie is 21, and Kym 42, which is arguably young for grandma duties. But there can be lots of benefits to being a younger nanny – and there are certainly some rules to adhere to.

Kym told OK! magazine: “I can’t wait to be a young grandmother. It makes me so emotional that my baby is having a baby of her own.”

Here’s how she can handle the role with panache.

Come up with great ideas for days out

As a young grandma, you might well know the best places to hang out – and you’ll have the energy to try them, too. Gen up on the coolest things to do with a little one, so you can be the grandma that prides herself on fun days out and making memories.

Stay fit and active

Kym is no stranger to the red carpet, and she works out a lot to maintain her fabulous figure. Which means that she’s fit and ready for grandma duties. To keep up with a new little one, it might take some energy – so prepare now for the patter of tiny feet.

Stay friends

It would probably be tempting to become a bit bossy as Grandma, but the key to bonding is friendship. As Kim tells OK!: “Me, Emilie and David are best friends and I think that’s because there isn’t a huge age gap between us.”

Show wisdom and be ready to learn, too

Kym had Emilie at a similarly young age – which means she can impart plenty of wisdom on being a mum in your early 20s (and 30s!). And as Kym has daughter Polly, 7, she is still being a mum to a young child herself. If that’s you, too, then use this as a time to bond over motherhood, not just grandmotherhood. And look to your child for advice – it could be she learns things that can help you out, too.

Learn about social media

Because you’re a younger grandma, you probably already ‘get’ social media, and things like What’s App. But if you’re not au fait with Instagram, use this time to make sure you’re ready for that first snap with your new grandchild.

Granny, Gran, Nanny or Grandma?

You might not want any of these monikers – and that’s OK. If you’d rather not allude to being Grandma, then talk that through with your expectant child, and see what might work instead. Grand-mom Kris Jenner goes for ‘Lovey’ while Goldie Hawn (who is admittedly a little older than Kym’s 42, but still pretty much living the life of a 40-something!) goes for ‘GoGo’.

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