As Pete Davidson moves on from Ariana Grande: 7 emotional stages of seeing an ex with someone new

There’s nothing worse than idly scrolling through Instagram and stumbling on a picture of your ex looking loved-up with a new flame.

Whether the break-up was amicable or not, seeing your former partner putting on a steamy PDA with a new person can feel like a punch to the gut, not to mention make you question the authenticity of your whole relationship.

Take Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande for example. The former couple only reportedly called time on their whirlwind engagement back in October, but Davidson already seems to have moved on with someone new. The SNL comedian was papped locking lips with actor Kate Beckinsale in the stands of an ice hockey game in New York, looking very happy indeed.

Grande, we’ve all been in your shoes – and we feel for you. Here we’ve dredged up the whole emotional rollercoaster you’re likely to go through when you realise that your ex has publicly moved on before you.

1. Shock and anger

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You’re casually checking out their tagged photos on Facebook when you’re suddenly hit with a whole bomb of fresh couple selfies.

You’d hope your initial reaction would be to rise above the situation with total dignity and serenity, but you can’t help but fly into a hurt rage and ring around everyone you know for answers.

Who is this person? How do they know your ex? And how could they possibly move on when you guys were meant to be forever?

2. Jealousy and wallowing

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You immediately start to list all the things that this person has that you don’t, like their perfectly styled hair, their effortless wardrobe, the way they always think up witty captions on their photos.

You also can’t help but interrogate all of your mutual friends over whether they have bad breath or an awful personality in person.

3. Fear

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What if you never meet anyone again? What if they were the one and you carelessly threw them away straight into the arms of Becky with the good hair on Instagram?

If only you could turn back time and change how it all played out…

5. Obsession

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Try as you might, your feelings of betrayal mean that you can’t help but start stalking the new partner on social media. You need to know what they eat for breakfast, what they do for a living and how many times they’ve run a 10K for charity. Everything.

6. Self-preservation

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If nothing else, you have your pride. You keep telling all of your mates that you’re totally over it, while casually throwing in catty comments about all of your ex’s annoying habits.

Frankly, you couldn’t care less if they’ve moved on.

7. Acceptance

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Eventually, the hurt passes and you realise that your obsession has to stop. With time, you might eventually arrive at a place where you’re genuinely happy for your ex.

As much as you loved them, there was a reason you guys broke up – whether it was their fear of commitment, your differing life goals or the way you constantly bickered with each other.

Either way, things couldn’t work out between you two – so it’s better you both find happiness (and courtside snogs) elsewhere.

- Press Association

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