6 ways to cover up psoriasis like a pro, as Kim Kardashian West reveals she’s had a flare-up

When your image is integral to your career, having good skin is paramount, and as one of the most photographed celebrities in the world, Kim Kardashian West certainly relies on her face.

So it’s no surprise the reality star was quick to react when a website claimed she was having a ‘bad skin day’, revealing that, what may have looked like acne, was actually psoriasis.

“It’s psoriasis all over my face,” the 38-year-old tweeted in response to paparazzi pics taken in Los Angeles, adding a sad face emoji.

This isn’t the first time the beauty entrepreneur has talked about her struggle with psoriasis, a condition that, according to the NHS, causes “red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales.” She’s previously tweeted asking for advice on treatments.

The severity of the condition varies greatly, with some people having minor break outs from time to time, while others have bigger, longer lasting flare-ups. Medical agencies advise those with psoriasis consult their GP to determine the best treatment.

Kardashian West may still struggle with psoriasis, but she’s clearly an expert when it comes to disguising the telltale red patches with make-up – and you can be, too.

Follow these six steps for concealing psoriasis flare-ups on your face like a pro…

1. Moisturise well

The first step for covering psoriasis is to minimise any flakiness, so apply a generous layer of your preferred moisturising lotion. To add an extra dose of hydration, try a facial mist spray, which can help create a dewy base for your make-up.

2. Use a primer

Before you get to work with concealer, it’s a good idea to use a primer, which sits on the skin and creates a smooth canvas, making dry patches less obvious. Use a couple of pumps on your fingertips and smooth over your face starting in the middle.

3. Dot and blend

Concealer is a crucial product for disguising psoriasis, but you don’t want to paste it all over your face. Instead, use the wand or your fingertip to dot concealer on the areas where you need it, then blend with a soft brush.

4. Build your foundation

Once you’ve covered any red patches, next up is foundation, to even out your skin tone. Rather than pasting on a thick layer, however, start with a few dabs and blend out with a foundation brush, then go back and add more if you need to.

5. Pat your powder

To keep your base flawless throughout the day, setting powder is essential. Use a large fluffy brush to apply a loose powder like NYX Mineral Finishing Powder all over your face. Pat gently so you don’t rub off any of your concealer or foundation.

6. Finish with setting spray

Finally, a quick spritz of setting spray serves two purposes: Giving your make-up extra staying power, and adding a dewy finish.

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