GameTech: Surviving new season of Fortnite

GameTech: Surviving new season of Fortnite

While most people wait with excitement for the next season of Love Island, we usually have our eyes on a different island. The new season of Fortnite is here, but is it love at first sight?

The goal of Fortnite is to be the sole survivor of 100 players, using guns and combat to eliminate opponents, but we still think Love Island is more ruthless. You need a thick skin to take part in a reality show based on dating, but you’ll need an even thicker skin in Tilted Town, where building and harvesting has been blocked in Season 10 of Fortnite. On the plus side, Epic have placed some nice weapons drops in the area to tempt players in, including the double shotgun, six shooter, and hunting rifles, with drops ranging from common to legendary.

Titled Town is the reverted Titled Towers and now looks something like an Old West town, perfect for the kind of shoot-outs we expect to develop in an area with limited defence options.

Season 10 also allows you to gift battle passes to friends, with the passes bringing some new missions, some of them time limited. The time-limited missions will unlock every week, with new daily objectives in each. Clever Epic giving players even more reasons to come back every day.

There’s a new mode called arsenal, which could be a lot of fun. Just like the football team of the same name, you’ll start at the top in arsenal and decline from there, as you begin the game with high-end weapons and go through the titular arsenal until you reach the bottom tier. Infinite ammo is on for arsenal mode, with players dropping materials when they get eliminated. The game is won when there is only one player left standing, naturally.

As always, Epic have added some new weapons to the mix too. There’s a high-velocity sniper rifle that shoots floor rounds per second. But by far the most interesting and controversial additions to Season 10 are the Brutes, giant mech suits that have cause waves, both literally and metaphorically.

Brutes are robots that players can pilot, using them to shoot other players, destroy structures, and dash around the map. They have caused huge complaints among the fanbase, leading Epic to announce this week that the brutes were being ‘nerfed’ or downgraded, so that they appear on the map and in storms less frequently.

We feel the mechs have been entertaining to watch and play, but they could certainly have an unsettling impact on competitive play. If the mechs ultimately get kicked from Fortnite, maybe they could try the next season of Love Island instead — although brutes don’t get on very well there, either.


Fortnite became one of the world’s biggest games through one island alone, while No Man’s Sky became one of the most controversial games ever by recreating a universe. The seemingly limitless ambition of Irishman Sean Murray’s take on galactic exploration was initially the game’s downfall, but has now become its strength.

The latest major update for the game, called Beyond, has taken No Man’s Sky even closer to the original vision of the game, while also adding in virtual-reality support. We haven’t tried the game in VR yet, but early reports indicate that it works like a charm.

More importantly, No Man’s Sky now supports up to 32 players playing the game together, with an upgraded Nexus area designed to act like a base for players to spawn into and meet, where they can take on various challenges together across the universe.

Beyond also promises more tantalising changes under the hood, which Murray and his team have stayed largely silent on. There’s a mention of cooking in the patch notes, along with upgraded NPCs and the ability to ride and even milk animals.

“We’re going to stop when we’re not creatively into it,” Murray said when questioned by Ars Technica on the future of No Man’s Sky.

When we’re not inspired. The community will probably be mad at us when we do, but I don’t think I’d want us working on something we were just adding skins to, or something like that. We get excited about stuff. It’s the core of our studio now. It’d make me sad to just put in new costumes or parts week in and week out.

To infinity and beyond, then?

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