This is how to tackle dinner if you’re vegan and travelling – according to BOSH!

Shopping and eating vegan can be tricky even if you speak the language, so on holiday, the trickiness can only intensify as you repeat: “Plant-based? No meat?” to every server you encounter.

But your next trip doesn’t need to be a nightmare if your diet is very much animal-product free.

We caught up with vegan YouTubers BOSH! aka friends and cookbook writers Henry Firth and Ian Theasby for their advice, so next time you leap on a plane, you’re prepared for what’s on the menu when you arrive…

Start with a plan and do some research…

“It’s better now [travelling as a vegan],” says Firth, but “it depends where you go.

“You’re going to want to do a little bit of planning before you go – I was in Japan for New Year, and that’s a bit of a challenge, especially with the language difference.

“It’s totally doable. It just takes a bit of research. Maybe learn the language a little bit so that you can have some basic dialogue with the waiters, and hunt down the right vegan spots so you can go somewhere you know you’re going to be looked after.”

You can rely on America and London…

“America or London are the places probably leading the charge,” says Firth, who notes that there’s just so much choice and variety when it comes to vegan options. Also, Bristol, Sheffield and Glasgow all have budding vegan communities.

Europe is pretty clued up…

“All over Europe you’ve got really incredible pockets of vegan food, but again, you have to go and hunt it down,” says Firth, who adds that there’s a huge vegan movement in the Netherlands.

But not France so much…

Admittedly, veganism is not taking hold so quickly in fromage-loving France. “If you were staying in a self-catered place, you could cook up an absolute storm in France, if you knew how,” notes Theasby diplomatically.

Explore Israel…

“One country we haven’t been to, but which we should, is Israel,” says Firth. “They have a really high percentage of veggies and vegans, [and] obviously their hummus and falafel is fantastic in that region.”

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Asia offers some exciting vegan grub…

“Asian food is really good because on the whole, they don’t use dairy,” says Firth. “You know that if it’s veggie in Asia, it’s probably going to be OK, apart from the fish sauce. If you can navigate your way around fish sauce, you’re good.”

As does Mexico…

“Mexican food can be pretty good,” reckons Firth. “Loads of vegetables come from Mexico, so their food is already pretty vibrant as it comes.” Just think of all those salsa and guac-topped tacos.

And if all else fails… 

“If you’re at all worried,” says Theasby, “chips and salad will come save the day.”

BISH BASH BOSH! by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, photography by Lizzie Mayson, is published by HQ, HarperCollins. Available now.

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