7 vegetables even committed vegetarians should get to grips with

Look no further, here are some of the most underrated vegetables you’d never think of picking up at the supermarket.

Ranging in size, colour and flavour, they’re versatile, tasty, and more than worth a try…

1. Okinawan purple sweet potato

Originating from Japan’s southernmost prefecture, Okinawa, this distinctive purple-coloured sweet potato is a regional delicacy. It is usually baked and used in a number of Japanese dessert dishes, although you can just substitute it when using the classic orange ones.

2. Fiddlehead ferns

These curled young fern leaves are a good source of protein and vitamins A and C. Whilst often served amongst other greens, Fiddleheads fried in butter make the perfect bar snack too. However, they have an extremely short harvest season in early spring, and can be tricky to get hold of raw. Pickled ones are usually more widely available.

3. Romanesco broccoli

Known for its lime green florets, Romanesco broccoli originally derives from Italy. This unusual vegetable is full of important nutrients including iron and vitamin K. A popular vegetable pasta dish features fried Romanesco in chilli, garlic and lemon with a splash of olive oil.  Alternatively,  it can also be steamed and used to form the base of a Romanesco gratin.

4. Cassava

This nutty-flavoured starchy vegetable is native to South America and grows in a number of tropical countries. Also known as yucca, it can be used to make tapioca. It is also used in the signature Brazilian dish, Bolinhos de mandioca e queijo – cassava and cheese fritters.

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Happy Friday Friends!! Have you tried cassava fries? If you haven’t you should. . Cassava fries were my favorite fries growing up, especially the way my grandma used to do it, because she boiled them for dinner and fried the rest for breakfast or lunch, that’s exactly what I did here, I boiled the cassava until tender the other night and the next morning I made my fries using the air fryer. (I shopped a bag of frozen cassava at the store, if you are in MA, I got mine at @marketbasket from @goyafoods ). . Deets: Baby arugula, sautéed kale, egg, smoked salmon, tomatoes, avocado and crispy air fried cassava (after boiling your cassava cut them how you like, I seasoned mine with paprika and olive oil was brushed, cook in the air fryer at 400F/200C for 15 minutes. If you don’t have an air fryer, oven could be use but will take a little longer. ————————————————————————— 🇪🇸 Feliz Viernes amig@s!! Has comido casaba (yuca) frita? Si aún no lo has comido deberías. Las casaba fritas eran mis favoritas cuando era niña, especialmente de la manera que mi abuela lo solía hacer, porque ella primero hervía la cassava para la cena y el día siguiente freía el resto para el desayuno o el almuerzo, fue exactamente lo que hice aquí, yo herví la cassava hasta que estuvieran blanda la otra noche y la mañana siguiente freí el resto usando mi freidora en aire. (Yo compré mi casaba congelada, si eres de MA la compré en @marketbasket de @goyafoods ). . En mi plato: kale salteado, rugula, huevo, salmon ahumado, tomates, aguacate y casaba frita (después de hervir la casaba corta como gustes, yo he sazonado las mías con paprika y le he untado aceite de olivo, lo puse en la freidora en aire a 400F/200C por 15 minutos. También lo puedes hacer en el horno pero te tomará un poco más de tiempo)

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5. Enoki mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms are used in a variety of East Asian cuisines, including noodle soup dishes like ramen. The mild flavour of this versatile vegetable makes it perfect for stir fry dishes too, and it can be eaten raw or cooked.

6. Pak choi

This leafy, crunchy green cabbage, also known as bok choi, is a staple vegetable in Chinese cuisine. Usually steamed or fried in sesame oil or ginger, it feels effortlessly good for you and has real fresh bite.

7. Redbor kale

Part of the curly kale family, Redbor kale is great tossed in oil and vinegar then roasted in the oven. Use it as you would the green stuff too, whether in pasta or salads, or as a side dish to your Sunday roast.

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