2 minutes with Kim-Joy – whose last meal on earth would preferably be a banquet

2 minutes with Kim-Joy – whose last meal on earth would preferably be a banquet

The Great British Bake Off is arguably the most feel-good bit of telly around, but 2018 finalist Kim-Joy Hewlett seriously upped the charm levels with her always-sunny disposition and determination to fit adorable creatures into all baked goods – from cats to turtles to alpacas.

On the release of her debut cookbook, Baking With Kim-Joy, we grilled the Leeds-based cook and baking columnist on her culinary life.

She has some very strong thoughts on breakfast foods in particular…

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Back when we visited the Museum of Ice Cream in San Fransisco last July! 🍦🍨 I mean it’s not reeeally a museum, more like an excuse for a giant playground...! 🥳 But I thought it was quite fitting to post now as it’s festival week on #gbbo tonight. Can we have a yearly festival where we all play around in giant sprinkle pools and eat ice cream please? I think it’s good to get in touch with your inner child! And that kid in the background on the ladder is having NOWHERE NEAR as much fun as me 😆 (there were also a lot of kids throwing plastic sprinkles as hard as they could, which does kind of hurt actually 😅). Good luck to everyone on bake off tonight! Those festival cakes look like a nightmare to make 😳💖🍰 . . . . #bake #gbbo #greatbritishbakingshow #gbbs #greatbritishbakeoff @museumoficecream #museumoficecream #icecream #sprinklepool #travel #sanfrancisco #sprinkles #poolofsprinkles #bakers #travelpic #festivalweek #gbbo2019 #cake #museumoficecreamsf

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Your death row meal would be…

“It would be massive, the size of this table, and I’d have loads of different Indian curries, tarka daal and paneer curry, and all the different Indian breads, like paratha, garlic naan, chapatis, but I’m more about the garlic naan.

“Then a proper rustic loaf, salted butter, tiny bit of jam – all homemade, and made by the best of the best, not by me. Indian, Chinese and Thai food, all at once, like a banquet, so I could have a little bit of everything.

“For dessert I’d have a pandan chiffon cake, a Japanese cotton cheesecake which is really nice, and lots of different gelato flavours, and cheese! Camembert! And then maybe some decorated biscuits as well – I just want it all, a nice mango lassi and cups of tea – sorry, this is too long. I like food!”

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Baaaaaa’rabrith - my sheepy twist on Welsh barabrith 🐑 Plus a little whisky to make it extra delicious 😋. Soak the fruit overnight in whisky, then in the morning mix everything up in one bowl (minimal washing!!), and then bake for an hour! Makes a super simple tea loaf - yummy cold or toasted with butter (and extra good with additional sheep roaming on top...). The full recipe is in the Guardian this week! I’ll put a link up in my stories 🐑☺️💖 and thanks to my friend @siant__ for helping me with this and allowing me to use whisky in your grandma’s special recipe! It’s not traditional but I love it. If you want this recipe without alcohol, you can always soak the fruit with tea instead! ☕️💖 . . . . #baking #bake #recipe #guardianrecipes #yum #food #barabrith #sheep #tealoaf #gbbs #bakingrecipes #bakingideas #cutebaking

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The thing you still can’t make is…

“It’s all about learning though – oh yeah, meat! Because I don’t like the taste of meat, so I never really tried to cook it.”

Your favourite store-cupboard essential has to be…


The kitchen utensil you couldn’t live without is…

“My KitchenAid.”

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Why make an ordinary Victoria sponge, when you can jazz it up with pistachios, strawberries and CATS 🐈💖💖💖💁🏻‍♀️ if you like it then put a cat on it, right? The recipe is available on the guardian website- click the link in my bio! ☺️ thanks for all your messages helping me to watch the bake off whilst I’m in New York! And for your recommendations of what to do ☺️ If you’re following my stories you’ll see that I’m having a great time eating a ton of dessert mostly... 😋😋🍰🍰 . . . . #baking #bake #baker #recipes #guardianrecipes #yum #food #newyork #travel #foodphotography #cakedecorating #cake #cats #catsofinstagram #cute #cutebaking #bakingideas #catcake #catcakes #meow

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Your signature dish is…

“A pandan chiffon cake.”

You like your eggs…

“I only like them one way, and no other ways – it’s easy. I like them in between soft and hard boiled. Just slightly runny but I’m able to bite it. But I don’t like scrambled – I don’t really like breakfast foods. I don’t actually eat breakfast, I just skip to lunch.”

Your childhood dinners were…

“Awful! Dinner was awful! Potatoes, some form of veg and some form of meat. Liver, green beans, potatoes – that’s why I really don’t like meat, because I was forced to eat it when I was a child.”

Last night you ate…

“We had Quorn Bolognese.”

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Chocolate and chilli shortbread, filled with white chocolate orange ganache 🐧🍊aaand they’re cute little penguins of course!!! 💖 you can get the recipe if you click the link in my bio and then click ‘Guardian recipes’! I love penguins - did you know that when they find someone special, they search for the smoothest, most beautiful pebble, and then give it to their hopeful companion? 😭💓 how cute is that? Why are animals often so much lovelier than humans!! Also can I just say that these biscuits are waaaay better than penguin biscuits! (If you live in the U.K. you’ll know about them- they have little jokes on the back and you can buy them in multipacks!!) I got them for packed lunch when I was a kid ☺️ they’re fine, but I was always disappointed they don’t look like actual penguins. . . . . #baking #penguin #bake #cutebaking #bakingideas #yum #food #gbbo #greatbritishbakingshow #greatbritishbakeoff #penguins #penguinbiscuits #tasty #homebaking #guardianrecipes

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If you’re ordering takeout, it has to be…


Your ultimate hangover cure is…

“I don’t really drink anymore, so I haven’t had a hangover in ages, yay! I don’t really like the taste of alcohol. [But it would be] something greasy and fatty like chips or cheese.”

You really cannot stomach…

“Meat and bananas. I have a thing about bananas, they’re really weird. They make other fruit rot – I don’t trust it. They have to be segregated in the kitchen.”

Baking With Kim-Joy: Cute And Creative Bakes To Make You Smile by Kim-Joy, photography by Ellis Parrinder, is published by Quadrille. Available now.

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