This Much I Know: Actress Clelia Murphy

This Much I Know: Actress Clelia Murphy

I always knew I liked acting and pretending to be someone, or sometimes something else, but I was cripplingly shy.

Growing up, I was a complicated little thing. I was full of fun and mischief and plenty of confidence one minute and I could be very clingy and self-conscious the next. 

I hated going to sleep and would do anything to stay up late and be with the adults watching the telly. I suffered terribly from FOMO.

My earliest memory is of my sister being born and coming home from the hospital. 

She had the intelligence to bring me a gift of Hubba Bubba bubble gum. I got her nothing.

I liked performing but not particularly being watched. The minute The Gaiety School of Acting opened, I was there. 

But I watched from the sidelines, as I was never the kid who jumped in. I watched waited and learned first. 

I only took it seriously as a professional choice when I was confronted with the CAO. 

There was literally nothing that caught my attention other than the performing arts choices.

I simply don’t achieve a work life balance. I’m either all work and all working out or I’m all letting it go because I’m exhausted and have burned out.

However, balance is something I’m determined to learn this year and it is something that myself and Peter Stringer are collaborating on for a new documentary called ‘Fashionably Fit?’ 

We’re posing the question, are we approaching diet and fitness and a healthy lifestyle in the right way? 

Instead of hitting the gym and going on a diet to look good on the beach, should we not be concerning ourselves with lifestyle choices that see us healthy, happy and mobile into our old age? 

We’re going to question all the fads and diet myths, and we are going to do it properly with a personal goal. 

He’s going to coach me and teach me one good habit at a time and train me to compete in a fitness body builder bikini competition in April, which has been a dream of mine for quite some time.

The best advice I ever received was not to let anybody toxic take up residence in my head.

This Much I Know: Actress Clelia Murphy

The traits I most admire in other people are passion and compassion.

My idea of happiness is balance. Being able to have your cake and eat it - and your glass of Pinot Grigio and drink it - while at the same time being fit and healthy and happy in your own skin. 

Also, reading a brilliant book or watching a great movie on a rainy day.

My idea of misery is being consumed by jealousy. Such a useless emotion.

If I could be reborn as someone else for a day I’d be my daughter. The only way to know and help another human is to walk in their shoes.

If money was not an issue I’d stop scrimping and saving.

The thing I find most irritating about other people is apathy. Closely followed by people who litter.

My biggest challenge in life so far has been patience; strangely accompanied by procrastination.

Talent is more important than ambition - but ambition will get you further.

My main skill is my sense of humour. It has kept me going. So that’s useful?

One thing I didn’t learn in school, which I wish I had done so, is that the Leaving Cert is just like learning lines. 

You don’t really need to understand what you’re regurgitating in order to do well. You just need to regurgitate it as best you can.

My greatest fear is fear.

I can be both a lark and an owl. It’s the afternoon that kills me.

I do believe in an afterlife. Just in case. FOMO again!

So far life has taught me that everyone is making it up and figuring it out as they are going along.

Clelia Murphy stars in GYM SWIM PARTY a new play that premieres at the O’Reilly Theatre as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2019.

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