Online Lives: Meet fashion and design blogger Amie Brennan

Denise O'Donoughe meets Amie Brennan - a fashion and design blogger.

Amie Brennan is based in Galway and runs a fashion and design blog called

Amie enjoys featuring Irish designers and discussing fashion trends.

“The key focus of Floralesque is Irish design and sharing my love of it with my audience.

“I have always loved Irish design and learning more about the people who create the pieces and where their inspiration comes from. We have featured well over 60 Irish designers to date, such as Emma Manley, Don O’Neill, Bláithín Ennis, Lucy Nagle, and so many more.

“Learning about their journeys and inspirations I find personally very inspiring in my own life.”

Ireland’s wealth of design talent excites Amie. “We are so lucky in Ireland to have such amazing talent on our very doorstep and I love nothing more than finding a new designer who is just after releasing their first collection — you can just sense the feeling of excitement and anticipation.”

Amie says she started the website as she loves writing.

“It has never been about numbers for me — it has always been somewhere I can express my passions and I love interacting with others on the platform as well.

I am perhaps more of an exception to the current industry, as writing is my key focus, and not increasing numbers on social media.”

Amie says she focuses on her blog as she believes social media can be unpredictable as a primary platform.

“With the ever-changing world of social media, I do sometimes worry for those who are mainly on a specific platform and do not own their own little piece of the internet. With the owners of many platforms, changing algorithm,s etc, it must be worrying if that is the main platform that you use.”

She admits it can be a solitary experience.

There are some downsides of blogging, for example, sometimes it is just you and your computer screen. That can be lonely.

However, she has met many interesting fellow bloggers through her writing, as well as connecting with her own readers and interesting designers. 

“I have met so many amazing people through blogging. Galway has some fantastic bloggers and I have loved getting to know them. I have also met some amazing stylists and designers by going to London Fashion Week and without the blog that would never have happened.

“I love meeting new people and in general those who follow Floralesque have similar interests and it is great to have interesting conversations online and to also learn from others as well.”

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