Shireen Jamil – mum of Jameela – has appeared in an amazing (unretouched) photoshoot

Jameela Jamil is known around the world for her strong views on everything from airbrushing to weight loss teas. After breaking into Hollywood with a role in NBC’s The Quiet Place, the former T4 presenter also started Instagram account @i_weigh, where she and other women celebrate their weight in things other than kilos, such as being a survivor of abuse, having children, and being happy with their body and its ‘flaws’.

One of Jameela’s other big campaigns has been to change the culture of airbrushing in the media and has called out Photoshop as being ‘weaponised’ against women.

And now her mother has joined her campaign, starring in a series of unretouched photographs for a dating app aimed at the over-50s.

Shireen Jamil, campaigner for victims of domestic abuse (Lumen/Rob Greig/PA)

Shireen Jamil, 63, has posed for Lumen, showing true solidarity with her daughter’s cause. In a gold silk evening dress with a simple green and gold necklace, she looks peaceful but strong.

Shireen has her own powerful story – she is the woman behind Shireen’s Law, which came into effect in 2015. It abolished a time limit on prosecuting most cases of domestic violence and made coercive control in relationships, both physical and psychological, a specific crime. Before that, most domestic violence cases were covered by common assault, requiring the crime to be reported within six months.

Once a model, Shireen had not posed for photographs for more than forty years, as she allegedly bore scars from domestic abuse.

But now, thanks to the shoot, she is joining her outspoken daughter in calling for women to be proud of who they are, how they look and not to care about age.

Jamil has called out different brands for their advertising, and regularly shares different social media updates with funny and powerful ‘attacks’ on the industry.

And it seems that she is both inspired by her mother’s strength and inspiring, too, as Shireen has now stepped up to join her daughter’s anti-airbrushing crusade.

Shireen said: “I’m hoping these images will help to inspire confidence in other older people, of all genders, whose sense of self-worth has, for whatever reason, been dented.

“I believe in ageing gracefully rather than trying to hold back time. In the words of Keats, ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever, it’s loveliness increases.”

(Lumen/Rob Greig/PA)

- Press Association

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