Brooches, berets and all the best accessories at London Fashion Week

No outfit is complete without the right accessories, which is why we always look closely at the hats, scarfs and other adornments sent down the runway at London Fashion Week.

This weekend saw designers showing their AW19 collections in the city. As these are clothes for the colder months, you can be sure the accessories game was strong.

If you’re looking to jazz up your outfits, let these runway trends inspire you…

The brooches

Burberry (Vianney Le Caer/AP)

Brooches don’t exactly scream high fashion – you’re much more likely to think of them as something your nan wears. However, Burberry made a strong case for introducing brooches into your wardrobe, with creative director Riccardo Tisci designing sculptural pins that looked like oyster shells.

Toga (Katie Collins/PA)

Toga went for a less romantic version of the brooch, creating more of a Texan vibe with a pin which looked like bull horns.

The berets

House of Holland (Ian West/PA)

Over the last few years, berets have managed to shed the label of a French stereotype and have entered more mainstream fashion styles – thanks in part to labels like Dior creating their own versions.

Now, we’re seeing more experimentation within the field of berets. The House of Holland shows are always a lot of fun, and this one was no different – however, there was a serious note of youth activism running throughout.

House of Holland (Grant Pollard/AP)

The show was titled ‘Global Citizen’ and using berets was a particularly interesting choice because of the hat’s roots in military dressing. Perhaps it’s an ironic move from designer Henry Holland, or he could be sending a message that this is the new kind of uniform – one for the House of Holland revolution.

Holland sent some black berets down the runway, but subverted these norms by also dabbling in colours and patterns, including bright oranges and irreverent cow prints.

The drawstring bags

Jolin Wu (Isabel Infantes/PA)

The fashion industry loves few things more than a healthy dose of nostalgia, and Jolin Wu well and truly delivered this in her AW19 runway show. The accessory that really caught our eye was the drawstring bag – the same style most of us used for our gym kit at school.

Jolin Wu (Isabel Infantes/PA)

However, these were a much more luxe version than you might remember carrying to school. We’re not quite sure why the models are clutching the bags instead of slung over their shoulders like we used to, but then again we were in year eight and not on the catwalk.

The belts

Alexa Chung (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Big, bold midriff belts were the name of the game this London Fashion Week. While belts might be a functional tool, they can also be a fashion statement – like Alexa Chung’s version, which was a stand-out cow print version against a denim dress.

Note to self: cow print is definitely the designer-approved pattern of the moment.

Toga (Katie Collins/PA)

Toga’s interpretation of the trend was even bigger and louder than Chung’s – a thick, red belt with double buckles around the waist.

The earmuffs

Ryan Lo (Katie Collins/PA)

Even if spring seems to be almost here, the clothes on the runway are looking ahead to next autumn and winter, meaning there was some seriously chic earmuffs on the catwalk. Ryan Lo’s were basically formal muffs that would match an evening gown – we’re not sure when the occasion would arise for such a look, but we’re weirdly into it.

Matty Bovan (Grant Pollard/AP)

Matty Bovan’s take on ear muffs was much more over the top, as we’ve come to expect from the designer. Inspired by his Yorkshire roots, this is the kind of headgear appropriate for freezing UK weather.

Molly Goddard (Katie Collins/PA)

Molly Goddard didn’t jump on the earmuff train, but rather created brightly coloured headscarves that would definitely keep the winter chill at bay. In fact, it’s probably one of the most practical accessories we’ve ever seen at LFW – particularly as it would make sure your hair doesn’t get messed up in the wind.

…and a pram?

Ryan Lo (Katie Collins/PA)

Ryan Lo is known for his whimsy and romance – last season his collection was all about fairy tales. It therefore comes as little surprise that this season was just as cutesy, with prim and proper ladies and gents pushing retro prams down the catwalk. It might be on brand for Lo, but it’s definitely a unique sight on the runway.

Roland Mouret (Vianney Le Caer/AP)

A pram wasn’t the only unusual accessory we saw this weekend. Roland Mouret’s show was the picture of feminine elegance, and one of the models was accompanied by none other than a trusty dog. If a pooch is what it takes to be bang on trend, sign us up.

- Press Association

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