GameTech: Streets of Rage beats 'em all

GameTech: Streets of Rage beats 'em all
Streets of Rage video game

It’s time to walk the streets again. No, not the streets of Ireland – at least, not beyond 5km. We’re talking about the Streets of Rage, where social distancing hasn’t quite caught on.

Someone should probably tell Axel, Blaze and the Streets of Rage vigilante team that responsible beatings should exclude headlocks and suplexing. But after more than 20 years away from the streets, we don’t think the team will listen.

Streets of Rage 4 is a game that no one thought would happen. Many Irish gamers will have fond memories of Sega’s beat-em-up series, which only ever saw the light of day on the Sega MegaDrive. However, Streets of Rage 3 was never followed by a sequel – until now.

Although the development team is completely different, the result was well worth the wait. Streets of Rage 4 is a perfect update to the series, with all new graphics and music, but almost identical gameplay to the originals, particularly Streets of Rage 2. The look, feel and sound of this sequel will bring a smile to anyone with happy recollections of the series.

Streets of Rage was always a unique series, a kind of disco beat-em-up, where button-mashing to the music was the core enjoyment of the game, rather than simply completing it. Thankfully, the sequel nails that aspect, with music contributions from the original composers Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima, along with many other individual contributors. The result is almost two hours of fantastic, thumping music to – well – thump people to (streaming in full below).

In addition to the newly designed look and feel, there is a ‘retro’ option that downgrades the graphics a little, plus you can play as the original character sprites from the ‘90s for complete authenticity. Local co-op supports up to four players, while two-player co-op is available online. Unfortunately, there is no ‘drop in’ gameplay for online, but hopefully that will be added going forward.

We may not be able to walk the streets of Ireland with abandon just yet, but at least we can take to the Streets of Rage while we’re waiting.

The Last of Us 2 leaks

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of rage on the internet over the last week, as one of gaming’s worst ever plot leaks took place. Details for The Last of Us 2, including video content, were released online, spoiling story developments and key turning points for the game.

Initially, the leaks were thought to have been perpetrated by an irate employee. However, Sony and Naughty Dog have since confirmed this is not the case and it is now believed a hacked server is to blame for the leaks.

Either way, many of those who engaged with the leaks are said to be very angry with the plot developments divulged. You don’t have to look far to find many examples of those discussing the details in angry fashion. Be warned that the spoilers exist, if you are trying to avoid details.

While we haven’t engaged in the spoilers ourselves, previously (officially) released story beats indicate that the plot will partly revolve around Ellie’s love for another girl, with players playing as both Ellie and previous protagonist Joel.

Stream the non-spoiler trailer for the game below.

The building blocks of an galactic saga

May the 4th may have passed, but the force is still with us. In an interview published by the developer, we received new details of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. According to the team, there will be more than 500 characters in the game, covering everyone from Luke Skywalker to Boba Fett. In addition, there will be ‘many new gameplay improvements’.

In addition to the huge roster of characters, players will be able to start from any point they like in the saga, instead of having to progress in chronological (jedi) order.

“We all have our favourites we want to jump into, while other may want to start with the new trilogy first,” the team state. “But we find most people want to start at the beginning of the saga and play from where it all began.” The Skywalker saga itself may have ended with a whimper, but we’ll still be first in line (with proper distancing, naturally) to play the latest LEGO Star Wars when it releases later this year.

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