GameTech: Scarily good fun in Luigi's mansion

GameTech: Scarily good fun in Luigi's mansion

Poor old Luigi! The brother of Mario barely ever gets a mention — but he does get a mansion. Even then, it’s haunted. Armed with nothing but a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner, Luigi is expected to do battle with ghosts and ghouls, while chittering his teeth for our amusement. Still, at least he gets a plunger this time — as he plunges into darkness.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out on October 31, for very obvious reasons. Halloween is pretty much the only day in which Luigi steals the limelight from Mario, even if it’s in the form of a flashlight. But despite the release date gimmick from Nintendo, Luigi’s Mansion is a lot more than a marketing ploy. This is a very respectable puzzle series with a lot of fans.

From what we’ve seen of the first level and boss fight, Luigi’s third haunting is shaping up to be scarily good. This time, Luigi finds himself at a haunted hotel, many storeys high – and many stories deep.

For a start, the graphics and level of detail are a big step up from the second game, with animations popping and environments full of (after)life. It’s going to be an absolute pleasure to explore this hotel. Unlike Resident Evil or Silent Hill, Luigi’s trips through the supernatural are designed to relax, and put a smile on your face. Even the opening cinematic, in which Luigi finds a dog called Polterpup, was enough to do that.

Graphics aside, Luigi brings a number of new tools to the gig this time around. He still has his trusty vacuum cleaner, but it’s been upgraded to include the ability to hover slightly and blow out big gusts. It probably cost a lot — we hope he wasn’t taken to the cleaners.

Luigi can also fire a plunger, which comes attached with a rope at the end. He can then suck the rope into the vacuum and pull objects towards him, activate buttons and generally solve puzzles in new and inventive ways. Mario would be proud.

The most interesting addition, however, is a gooey doppelganger that Luigi can summon, called Gooigi. This slimy counterpart can walk through spikes and other dangerous areas without damage, which allows Luigi to solve puzzles with a little teamwork.

It also looks like there’s a new multiplayer battle mode for up to four players, with games that seem reminiscent of Mario Party.

Mario won’t be having a party in this mansion, mind you. Instead, he’ll leave his brother to do all the dirty work, sucking up ghosts and shivering his way through spooky cobwebs. Poor old Luigi — but lucky us.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases on October 31 for Nintendo Switch.


Luigi doesn’t like battling ghosts, but maybe he would enjoy fighting monsters? It seems like everyone else does.

Monster Hunter 3 has shipped 14 million units worldwide, according to developer and publisher Capcom. This figure includes both retail and digital versions of the game.

The announcement comes about a month after the launch of Iceborne, the expansion for Monster Hunter World that has sucked players back into the monster-slaying profession, only to break their hearts (and weapons) all over again. Iceborne doesn’t even allow players to start the expansion unless you have completed the base game at Hunter Level 16, so the expansion wasn’t playing around.

The new zone, Hoarfrost, introduced new beasts while also twisting some of the existing bestiary to good effect. Either way, it seems like the expansion’s impact has pushed Monster Hunter World even further into blockbuster territory — about the only safe territory in the game.


Finally, Sony is slipping a monster update on to PS4’s this week. The key attraction? You will now be able to remote play on your android devices. That basically means you can stream PS4 games from your console to your Android phone or tablet device. You’ll need Android 5.0 or higher to do so and the app is available on Google Play store.

If you would like to pair a Dualshock with your device, that will be possible too, but you’ll need Android 10 for that particular setup to work.

Still, not a bad little update at all, especially for those looking for a Switch-like experience on PS4.

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