Game Tech: Another game gets TV version

Game Tech: Another game gets TV version
The Last Of Us is being adapted as a TV show by HBO, with the same showrunner as Chernobyl.

The Witcher did it first — but it won’t be the last. HBO has confirmed that The Last of Us is being adapted for television, with Sony’s classic tale of the zombie apocalypse coming to screens next year.

The adaptation will be led by Craig Mazin, who was the showrunner for Chernobyl, and Neil Druckmann, who produced the game. A stellar cast for a story with huge potential.

For those who haven’t played the game, The Last of Us takes place in a world ravaged by a mutant fungus, which turns humans into the ‘infected’, effectively rendering them vicious zombies. Humanity is forced to live in quarantine zones that protect them from the outside world.

In the game you mainly play as Joel, a smuggler tasked with bringing an infected girl, Ellie, to a safe haven beyond the quarantine zone.

While the premise sounds a bit worn on paper, the execution of The Last of Us was top notch, with a fantastic universe that threw a lens on society in times of emergency. The ‘zombies’ were not the focal point, so much as how society had developed as a result.

HBO have already confirmed that their series will focus on the events of the first game, so we will once again watch Joel and Ellie’s story play out (ironically without the ‘play’) once the show airs.

The internet’s choice for playing Joel seems to be Hugh Jackman, who would be a fantastic choice, especially post-Logan. Of course, Ellie herself was originally played by Ashley Johnson, but the character’s design was extremely close to Ellen Page, who famously accused the developers of ‘ripping off’ her likeness.

We can’t wait to see The Last of Us get the HBO treatment. We’ll probably never look at mushrooms the same way again.


Have you ever had a bad hair day? Well, Tecmo can certainly say that they have. The developers have been charging people a dollar to change a character’s hair colour in Dead or Alive 6, their flagship fighting game, causing outrage amongst the hardcore community. A dollar doesn’t seem like much, but the charge comes each time you want to make a change, even if you have previously purchased the same colour.

Thankfully, they decided not to split hairs over it.

“Dear fans,” the developer wrote in an update. 

We hear and acknowledge your disappointment behind our rollout of the new hair colour feature for DoA6. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and we are working towards a solution that helps to mitigate the issue and will share our plans in the coming days.

Let’s hope the solution is: ‘We’re not doing that anymore.’ Dead or Alive has a notoriously abundant amount of downloadable content, with almost €2,000 of content purchasable on the Steam page for the game. So it’s ironic that just a few dollars more cause such a hairy situation.


Meanwhile, despite its name, we imagine Google Stadia users would struggle to fill many of the world’s largest stadiums, based on the reception Google’s gaming platform has received since launch. Not only has the gaming media generally been unimpressed, but more importantly it seems customers have not been flocking to buy the service either.

As a reminder, Google Stadia allows you to stream games instead of purchasing them outright, requiring a speedy and reliable internet connection to work. While the idea is great in principle — and almost certainly the long-term future of games — not everybody has been impressed with Google’s meagre launch line-up and the performance of the service itself.

To help counter some of the negativity, Google have now opened a second developer studio exclusive to Stadia. Playa Vista studio will be led by Shannon Studstill, who was heavily involved in God of War, and will be based in Montreal, Canada.

Like all gaming platforms, Stadia will flounder without some exclusive games that make people consider uptake. It will be interesting see what Studstill and Playa Vista can deliver to keep Stadia relevant.

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