Album review: Michael Bublé fans will love Love

As per its title, the crooner from Vancouver has described his tenth studio album as his “most romantic to date”. It’s also the first he has released since taking time away from music following his son’s cancer diagnosis (now in remission).

The Bublé brand is built to an overwhelming degree on reliability: fans can slap on one of his records knowing exactly what they are in for.

Notwithstanding his personal upheavals, that’s precisely the case here as he delivers a warm, hugs-all-round readings of ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’, his big band adding a stomp to Bublé’s too-smooth-for-school vocals.

That same charisma allows him walk the tightrope of covering ‘La Vie en Rose’ — Edith Piaf wouldn’t be appalled — and he doesn’t disgrace himself on ‘Unforgettable’.

On one of the few occasions where he ventures beyond the Sinatra-era Great American Songbook, he has fun getting stuck into Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’. 

He’s equally as ease wrapping his tonsils around ‘My Funny Valentine’ and ‘Where Or When’, both from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Babes In Arms.

Bublé’s original material tends to go underappreciated — or at least to be not as wildly adored as his covers. 

Here he works with writer and producer Charlie Puth on the upbeat ‘Love You Anymore’ but croons his own lyrics on ‘Forever Now’, a piano ballad widely interpreted as a tribute to his son.

The popularity of Bublé’s Christmas album — the biggest selling seasonal record of the century — means that his new LP is arguably coming out at precisely the wrong time of year. Either way, he is going to be ubiquitous for the next six weeks.

Bublé is also the ultimate in musical marmite. Where some sees charm and showmanship, others discern smarm and saccharine. But the singer knows his audience and whatever else is to be said for the album it is undeniable that Bublé fans will love Love.

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