A Question of Taste: Lorna Moore

Lorna Moore is a full-time vocal coach, piano tutor, and choral conductor. 

Originally from Limerick, Lorna now resides in Cork working in Voiceworks Studio and the Cork School of Music.

Lorna works with a multitude of local choirs, and during the Cork International Choral Festival, will be singing with acapella group Guys and Dolls.

Best recent book you’ve read:

I’ve recently read the fourth book in the Sarah Knight series, which seem to be trending currently with mental health and social issues being discussed a lot.

Best recent film:

I cried watching Mary Poppins Returns. It was so magical and nostalgic, filled with wonderful messages.

Best show you’ve seen recently:

John O’Brien’s Nightingale and the Rose was colourful and sensually captivating.

Current listening:

I’m loving Billie Eilish, like the rest of the universe, and I like Gabrielle Aplin’s style. 

I love American folk music and roots, so the likes of James Taylor, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and Carole King. 

I also love cinema-inspired music so have been enjoying Olafar Arnalds, and choral music by the King’s Singers, as well as barbershoppers like The Four Freshman.

First music that really moved you:

I remember listening to ‘Roadtrippin’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on repeat on a holiday and nearly burned out my sister’s minidisc (retro!). 

I loved Rodrigo y Gabriella’s version of ‘One’ by Metallica and I used to practice ballet to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.21 in C and it was a dream getting to play it when I was 16.

TV viewing:

I barely get time for TV watching but I’m on a Game of Thrones binge at the moment, loved Black Mirror and am a huge lover of nature and animals so am a documentary buff... Our Planet and anything by David Attenborough.


I recently listened to Matthew Hussey who is a relationship coach. 

I am always interested in hearing about how to value and honour yourself and seek respect from all relationships, from business to friendships and even romantic.

Of all the songs your choral groups do, what’s your favourite?

My favourites are actually what the choir’s will be singing on Saturday and Sunday for this year’s Choral Festival. 

A difficult arrangement of ‘Wade in the Water’ and ‘Songbird’, by Sarah Quartel; and ‘Moonriver’, an old worldly favourite held in the hearts of many.

What’s the most difficult piece in the repertoire of the groups?

‘One Note Samba’ by Carlos Jobim was a rhythmic and syllabic challenge for the Douglas Harmonia Singers last year but they really rose to the challenge. 

‘f Ye Love Me’ by Thomas Tallis was a challenge for UCC Choral but the sung it beautifully in their recent Sounds of Spring Concert. 

The polyphonic setting makes it difficult but I never tire of it.

From the popworld, who do you rate as having a quality voice?

I’ve always thought Kate Bush sung so emotively and poetically, and with such individuality. 

Currently I think Arianna Grande showcases incredible vocal skill. 

I will always be a fan of Joni Mitchell’s tone and could listen to Billy Joel forever.

Your best celebrity encounter:

I once stood next to Dermot O Leary in the queue for security in Heathrow!

You can portal back to any period of human cultural history or music event?

I would live to spy on the 1920s and Swinging Sixties.

You’re curating your dream festival – which three artists are on the bill?

Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and the Count Basie Orchestra.

Do you have any interesting ancestors or family?

My aunt Annamay Driscoll was a huge influence and inspiration to me. 

She was a business consultant, revisionist and entrepreneur, a skilled gardener and cook, a fashionista and walking encyclopedia! 

She set up the family planning clinic in Limerick, set up what became the second largest Alpaca Farm in Ireland and has a bursary in her honour at Galway University Hospital.

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