6 ways to fake a good night’s sleep, according to a beauty expert

There’s so much advice out there for how to ensure you get enough sleep.

From deciding the optimum time to hit the hay and making your bedroom an oasis of calm, to what to eat and drink to bring on the Zs, there are lots of ways to help improve your ‘sleep hygiene’.

But sometimes, despite all your best efforts, you just can’t get the recommended seven-eight hours of nocturnal nap time.

Come morning, it shows. Dark circles under your eyes, a less than perky complexion and a mood to match – yuck.

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On those days, it’s time to turn to your beauty arsenal – the right products can act like a triple-shot latte for your face, and no one need know you were tossing and turning all night.

Here, Isa Lavahun, digital brand manager at beauty discovery website Cosmetify, offers up advice on how to use skincare and make-up to fake a good night’s sleep…

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1. Overnight masks

“If you feel that you might not get the best night’s sleep, you can take a pre-emptive step to keep your skin hydrated by using an overnight mask,” says Lavahun. “Face masks are a great way of replenishing and nourishing the skin, as well as protecting it.

“These work by sinking into your skin, feeding it and keeping it hydrated throughout the night, so that you wake up with a complexion that looks refreshed and smooth.”

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2. Under-eye masks

“One of the main giveaways that you’ve had a bad night’s sleep will be around your eyes. Whether it’s because they are puffy from the lack of shut-eye or because of the dark circles underneath, treating your eyes should be your first port of call in the morning.

“Under-eye masks are a great way to reduce puffiness, dryness and darkness, and will also feel soothing and refreshing against your skin: A win-win situation!”

3. Conceal and correct

“After using an eye mask to help alleviate puffiness, it’s time to take care of any other physical signs of tiredness. Colour correctors are great for dark circles under the eyes as they neutralise them, and save you from having to use too much concealer,” says Lavahun. “Brands like Maybelline will cover the shadows and blemishes, whilst adding a splash of hydration.”

(Maybelline /PA)
(Maybelline /PA)

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, £6.25, Cosmetify

4. Cheer up your cheeks

“While the eyes may bear the brunt of a bad night’s sleep, your skin can also lack colour and look lifeless as a result,” Lavahun notes. “Combat this with an illuminating blusher, which will bring a rosy glow back to your cheeks and give the impression of youth and energy. Suqqu two-toned blushers are ideal for this.

“An illuminating finishing powder – like Urban Decay Naked Skin The Illuminizer Beauty Powder can also give your skin a lift in a subtle way, making it appear bright and healthy without looking covered in make-up.”

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5. Open your eyes

“Not literally – there are products available that can make your tired eyes look as though they’ve had eight hours of sleep.

“Volumising mascara is a great short-cut to wide-awake eyes – try Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara which thickens and lifts your lashes, giving them lots of extra oomph.”

6. Distraction

“If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still looking weary, the art of distraction is your best bet,” Lavahun declares.

“Draw attention away from sleepy areas by wearing a bold lipstick, brushing eyebrows upwards to make them seem thicker and fuller, or applying winged eyeliner, all of which will detract from the signs of sleep-deprivation.”

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