5 of the best cities for al fresco dining

5 of the best cities for al fresco dining

Whether it’s a full-on family bbq with burgers galore, a bowl of cold noodles on your lunch break, or just an Aperol spritz and a handful of salted peanuts – food eaten outside just tastes better for some reason.

Take inspiration from these destinations, where eating al fresco is done right, or, you know, just book a flight…

1. Istanbul, Turkey

Dredge flatbreads through yoghurt, gnaw on perfectly grilled kebabs, and mop up platefuls of baked eggs and tomatoes in the Turkish city, which is packed with cafes that spill out onto the street. Coffee culture is huge too, as is smoking Turkish water pipes (shisha or hookah). And there’s not much better than nibbling on a square or two of baklava on the street as the sun goes down.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

It might just be tougher to find somewhere to eat indoors in Lisboa. Start by eating custard tarts (pastel de nata) on a terrace in the Alfama (old quarter) district, followed by grilled peppers and sardines at any one of the street side restaurants – with their many plastic chairs – on the way down back into town. Before spending the evening at a rooftop bar (like PARK).

3. Montreal, Canada

Prepare to be served in French in Montreal, where it’s the first language, and the chips are piled high and topped with curds and gravy (poutine – you have to try it). Terraces and neighbourhood patios come alive when Canada’s harsh winters finally thaw out, so expect fairy lights strung outdoor spaces, live music and culinary French classics.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Pavement cafes, courtyard dining, street bar hopping – Buenos Aires has it all when it comes to al fresco living. Expect almost every outdoor venue to be romantically tumbling with greenery; grab a chair, order the steak, stay all day.

5. Rome, Italy

While breakfast might consist of an espresso drunk stood up at a cafe bar, come long lunches and family dinners, Romans have a penchant for tablecloths, awnings and pizza eaten on cobbled streets. Who are we to argue?

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