4 period-positive accounts you should be following on Instagram to help break the taboo

Getting blood on your sheets, ruining a nice pair of undies or finding yourself accidentally without sanitary items at the wrong time just comes with the territory of having a period.

For many of us, it’s a totally normal thing – and yet there is still so much stigma around menstruation. This could be due to the fact we live in a patriarchal society and as men don’t have periods, they don’t feel the need to talk about it.

However, there’s a group of activists who are trying to change this. Incredible Instagram accounts have been popping up with the aim of spreading period positivity – opening up conversations around menstruation in a bid to normalise it.

These are just some of the accounts you should be following…

1. The Pink Protest

The Pink Protest was set up by journalist Scarlett Curtis, comedian Grace Campbell and illustrator Alice Skinner to be a go-to community of activists.

It promotes many causes such as the right to abortion and normalising female masturbation – and yes, it talks a whole lot about periods.

It’s a must-follow if you’re interested in getting involved in more issues that affect so many of us, plus with an illustrator on board you can be sure that the images are on point.

2. Pink Bits

Pink Bits describes itself as “illustrating the bits and shapes we’re told to hide” – and it does just that. Instagram is often a hard space to be in as it constantly pushes an unrealistic “ideal” body type, which can really knock your self-confidence.

That’s why Pink Bits is such a refreshing feed to see – it posts adorable illustrations of all types of women, showing how we’re all beautiful. It features all different sizes, backgrounds and abilities and is a true champion of body positivity.

A theme that comes up time and time again is periods and how normal they are. It’s a completely different depiction of menstruation than we’re used to – not only is it portrayed as normal, but even a little bit cute.

3. Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period is a social movement of providing those in need with sanitary items – whether they’re asylum seekers, refugees or low-income women.

In order to raise awareness and succeed in its mission, Bloody Good Period has harnessed the power of social media to talk about the amazing work they do, and talk openly about menstruation – along with highly relatable memes and cartoons.

4. Grace Victory

Blogger and YouTuber Grace Victory’s account isn’t specifically dedicated to periods – she’s predominantly known for body positivity and general awesomeness.

However, she recently made headlines for a post of her sheets stained with blood – something that happens to many of us on our periods. However, proving how taboo menstruation still is, after posting this picture she says she immediately lost loads of followers, and there was a slew of comments like: “Really uncomfortable!”

The post has gone viral, with many women applauding Victory for her honesty. The blogger told Metro.co.uk: “I posted that particular photo because I just felt inspired to open up a conversation. I didn’t actually expect that much to happen, other than other people who bleed discussing their periods. I just want to become more liberated and free within myself and sometimes I like to share that publicly.”

Victory has also recently partnered with Always to create poetry around menstruation, so is definitely worth a follow.

- Press Association

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