Together for Yes launch online tool which sets travel reminders on polling day; Renua Ireland call for No vote

Women need to be given more supports to raise children rather than having to turn to abortion, according to Renua Ireland.

While Together for Yes have held an event urging people to plan polling day well in advance.

Today marks one week to polling day and both campaigns are in full swing.

This morning, Renua Ireland called for a No vote on May 25, they are the only political party actively campaigning for a No vote in next week's referendum.

They say more supports should be given to single mothers and pregnant women as an alternative to abortion.

Renua leader John Leahy said there should be a No vote next Friday.

He said: "We don't believe any change is required, we believe life is life.

"Renua is about protecting life, it is one of our core pillars."

John Leahy.

Spokesperson Jacqui Gilbourne says every life should be protected.

She said:

This baby is a human being, trying to protect itself, it is not a property, not a clump of cells, not a disconnected object to be killed.

While Together for Yes held an event this morning urging people to plan their way to the polls.

They are launching an online tool early next week that will let people set reminders to travel.

At the event former Rose of Tralee contestant Brianna Parkins said she hopes people will vote yes.

She said: "This is about giving women a choice.

Whether you agree with abortion or you don't, this vote will give women the chance to decide for themselves.

"You don't have to get an abortion because you vote Yes, a Yes vote doesn't mean that every woman has to get an abortion, it just means that those who want to, can."

Maria Walsh.

At the launch, 2014 Rose of Tralee winner Maria Walsh also outlined why she's voting Yes.

She said: "For me, voting Yes is about giving women the opportunity to control their own decision making.

"I think in today's society, we are more than capable and more than educated to determine our own causes."

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