'There is no stigma, no fear. I'm a free man' - former Hepatitis C sufferer urges those with virus to get help

A former Hepatitis C sufferer is urging those with the virus to come forward and get help.

New tablets are now available to treat the virus which mainly affects the liver.

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Around 30,000 people have Hep C, which Ireland is hoping to eliminate over the next 12 years.

Patrick says he is a new man after getting rid of it.

He said: "I was a chronic drug user because I didn't care, I did not care. I had a virus in my body, now I don't have that virus, now I'm a free man.

I'm not scared to bump into people, talk to people, sit and communicate. There is no stigma, no fear. I'm a free man.

Professor Jack Lambert says there are humane and economic reasons to eliminate Hep C.

He said: "If the virus stays in your system for 10, 20, 30 years it causes cirrhosis, your liver is gone, you need a transplant, it causes liver cancers, so it doesn't kill you in the short run.

"It is a huge burden to society to let people develop cirrhosis and to need a transplant."

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