Latest: Labour Party has slammed Taoiseach's decision to invite Donald Trump to Ireland

Update 9.28pm: The Labour Party has slammed the Taoiseach's decision to invite Donald Trump to Ireland.

Leo Varadkar is meeting the US president in the White House tomorrow as part of his St Patrick's trip.

He has confirmed he will renew an invitation extended by his predecessor Enda Kenny.

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But Labour Senator Aodhan O'Riordain says Donald Trump is not welcome here.

He said: "Many Irish people accept the diplomatic reality that the Taoiseach should go to the White House, I think he has a responsibility as the Taoiseach of the country.

"However, I think it is outrageous that he wishes to take this opportunity to invite Donald Trump to Ireland.

"Donald Trump is an extremely divisive figure, his rhetoric is filled with hate and with anti-immigrant sentiment."

Earlier: Taoiseach to invite Trump to Ireland

Elaine Loughlin in Washington

The Taoiseach is to invite President Donald Trump to Ireland when he meets him tomorrow and has suggested that he would bring him to the border area if he does take up the offer.

Speaking in Washington ahead of his St Patrick's meeting in the White House Mr Varadkar said: "The invitation that Enda Kenny made to Donald Trump stands. Donald Trump has invited me to Washington DC and he is going to invite me to his house.

"I think it is absolutely appropriate, it's sut normal hospitality, that when somebody invites you to their front room in their house that you reciprocate with an invitation."

Mr Varadar added that he is not into golf so wouldn't be joining President Trump for a round at Doonbeg.

"But perhaps there will be an opportunity to potentially visit some of the Irish companies that invest in the US, and also as well perhaps to see the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

"I know that's something he expressed an interest in when we spoke on the phone some months ago. He was very interested in that.

"There have been no discussions about a visit, but the invitation stands. He has invited me as Taoiseach, Prime Minister of Ireland, to visit him in the White House and of course I intend to reciprocate," said Mr Varadkar.

Reacting to Mr Varadkar's comments, Sinn Féin leader Mary-Lou McDonald, who is also in Washington this week, said she would welcome a border visit.

I think seeing the border at first hand certainly makes it very real for people in terms of Brexit, it's a 300-mile border with multiple crossings and I think anybody seeing that border will understand that some of the fantastical ideas coming from the British Government around frictionless trade or a frictionless border are simply a nonsense, so anybody to see that is a positive thing.

"I am not going to comment on a prospective itinerary for any visitor to the country, when I am Taoiseach I might be able to answer that more accurately," she said.

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