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'Stick your co-living up your a**e': Protesters target Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy at Dublin count centre

Housing rights protestors including People Before Profit candidate Peter Dooley (left) confont Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy today. Picture: PA

Protesters cornered Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy today at the local election count in Dublin.

Eliminated People Before Profit candidate Peter Dooley confronted Eoghan Murphy over the government's housing policies.

Protesters surrounded Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy as he waited for a local candidate to be elected, chanting: "You can stick your co-living, stick your co-living up your a**e."

This was a reference to the Minister's comments earlier this month that a "co-living" model of accommodation is part of a mix of measures needed to tackle the housing crisis. The co-living model provides en-suite bedrooms with shared, communal living areas and is similar to student accommodation but aimed at young, working professionals.

One protester told Eoghan Murphy: "The posh boys aren't living in reality", and that public housing was not being built.

People Before Profit candidate Peter Dooley had been eliminated on the previous count for Kimmage Rathmines.

After about 15 minutes the protesters moved on to monitor progress in another count.

It came as counting continues across the country with it looking as though Fine Gael will pick up a few seats nationally as will Fianna Fáil.

The Greens are the big winners with Labour and the Social Democrats also improving.

Lots of those gains have come at the expense of Sinn Féin - which has endured a torrid weekend and will have lost a significant number of local councillors by the time all votes are counted.

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