'Snow White' to deliver Apple tax open letter signed by over 10,000

An open letter, signed by over 10,000 people, will be delivered tomorrow morning at 10am outside Leinster House before the Cabinet meets to decide on whether to appeal the Apple tax ruling by the European Commission.

The letter will be delivered by a member of the Uplift campaigning organisation dressed as Snow White. Snow White famously ended up in a coma after being tricked into eating a poisoned apple.

Uplift Executive Director Siobhán O’Donoghue says: “We agree with former Clinton advisor and Nobel prize winner economist Joseph Stiglitz who said the government should use the money to tackle the enormous hardships still being faced by the people of Ireland.”

“Everyone has to pay their tax and that includes Apple, one of the world’s most wealthy corporations. When corporations are allowed avoid paying their tax bill, we all suffer.

"The government regularly claims not to have enough money in the budget for basic services such as healthcare, housing and education - yet Apple’s tax bill would go a long way towards solving these problems. As we continue to commemorate 1916, we call on the government to stand up for the Irish people, not just corporations.”

You can read the text of the open letter here or below.

“Dear Minister Noonan, Everyone has to pay their tax and that includes Apple, one of the world’s most wealthy corporations. When they’re allowed to avoid paying their tax bill, we all suffer.

"As the Minister for Finance you have a duty to protect and safeguard the interests of every man, woman and child in Ireland. You claim you do not have enough money in the public exchequer to ensure quality healthcare for everyone; to properly resource our schools and universities; to ensure every worker has a living wage, to end homelessness. Apple’s tax bill would go a long way to solving these problems.

"We, the undersigned, remind you that you have a choice and an opportunity to stand up for the people of Ireland over the interests of Apple. We call on you to not appeal the decision that Apple owes Ireland €13 billion. Don't stand in the way of Apple paying what they owe.”

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