Sinn Féin ‘ready’ for European elections in Northern Ireland

Sinn Féin is ready to fight European elections in Northern Ireland, party president Mary Lou McDonald has said.

Ms McDonald and other senior party leadership figures discussed the prospect of a poll north of the border at a meeting of the Sinn Féin ruling council in Dublin today.

“If an election happens, we will fight the election. We are ready,” she said.

“One of the uncertainties is around the whole issue of elections in the north, whether or not there will be European elections.

“We will be ensuring that we will be prepared, and above all this is about protecting Irish interests.

“It never ceases to shock me the extent to which our nearest neighbours can disregard the effects of their actions or inactions on all of us who live in this island.”

Sinn Féin has one outgoing MEP representing Northern Ireland, and three representing Ireland.

The party is already campaigning south of the border ahead of May’s European poll.

We look across the water with some despair at the chaos in Westminster.

Mrs McDonald said a no-deal Brexit remains a “real and live possibility”.

She said the democratic mandate of people in Northern Ireland to remain in the EU must be acknowledged.

The Sinn Féin president said commitments made by the UK and EU to protect the Good Friday Agreement and ensure no hardening of the border also have to be honoured.

“We look across the water with some despair at the chaos in Westminster,” she said.

- Press Association

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